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With evolving technologies and smart cities emerging, connectivity and communication is molding our everyday needs. Businesses need competitive advantage as a key differentiator and what is better than streamlined communication?

Communication Square

Communication Square is a private ownership company that specializes in implementing Microsoft Communication and Collaboration Solutions. We foster your communication needs through a secure, centralized and holistic system for better efficiency. Whether you’re an enterprise, SMEs or a large corporation, our services like Skype for Business, Office 365, Azure Cloud and other communication tools will help leverage your business to boost up productivity. The company has a presence all across America, Asia and Europe

Due to successful deployment of projects varying in scope and nature, Communication Square was awarded the status of a ‘Microsoft Gold Partner’ in the year 2015. This journey of excellence is accompanied by our Microsoft Certified Professionals, who cater to your tailored needs with commendable experience in the provision of customized services, that aids your integrated communication needs.

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Brand History

As the age-old proverb goes: only through communication can human life hold meaning. Human communication has evolved unprecedentedly over the course of the last century- our arsenal for data acquisition and interpretation has increased its versatility as civilization progresses. From tablets intoned with scriptures chipped by hammers, we now have digital data encrypted via servers. We have taken strides from using as our carriers pigeons, soaring through the clouds to deliver important documents to cloud based communication; an entirely different meaning but it still quintessentially rapid and accessible communication.

Our brand identity is deeply rooted in the belief that communication is not only a necessity but also an art. An art that must be in a constant state of evolution and self-improvement. To be complacent is to fall prey to stagnation. Communication square was created with the vision of being a nexus for Microsoft digital partners all over the world. Providing a cohesive one stop solution for the latest advancements in information technology. Our team of dedicated professionals strive to make communication square operate at a level of excellence that is unparalleled in the field of cloud based services and information. We take the need for rapid and smooth communication to heart.
Today we are proud to call ourselves a hub for Microsoft Digital Partners. An organization of international standards with satisfied customers in multiple countries across the globe.

Our clientele is diverse, from small business owners to large corporate organizations, we have a tailor-made solution for everyone. Client satisfaction is our primary objective and for that we employee effective bilateral communication.

Our Values

Our employees are guided by following values to have a long term beneficial relationship with our customers, employees and vendors.

  • We take responsibility for the quality of product and service delivered. As a result our services are best in quality in terms of value per dollar.
  • Customer satisfaction tops our concern list. Hence we are keen to satisfy our customers with 24/7 service.
  • Our motto is ‘speak with honesty, think with sincerity and work with integrity’.
  • Our employees are our biggest strength. We have culture of openness of ideas to sustain creativity and innovation
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