PBS: HIPAA Compliant Backup and Recovery Solution

Company: PBS Corporation
Industry: Healthcare
Employees: 500
Overview: We deployed OMS Backup and Site Recovery for PBS to prevent data corruption and external attacks. This HIPAA compliant backup service offers healthcare companies the best in cloud data protection.
Solution: OMS Backup and Site Recovery


Positive Behavioral Support Corporation is committed to improving behavior and quality of life standards for individuals and their families. Their main aim is providing services for disabled children and adults. In addition, they aid in teaching appropriate behaviors and decreasing challenging behaviors. They have designed various programs that empower and encourage caretakers to help disabled individuals lead productive lives. PBS has a wide range of services, from Assessing Behavior and Individualized Intervention to Evidence-Based Practices and Improving Lives. They have offices from Washington, Oregon and California to Massachusetts, Maryland and Florida, in home, school and community environments.

”We have a large workforce, and with a large team comes different issues such as managing the workforce, employee productivity and mobility, and data management and security.” 

Michael Nolan
PBS Corporation.

Michael Nolan


Positive Behavioral Support is an individualized, research-based process that requires a great deal from caregivers and families alike. Open communication, shared goals and responsibilities and numerous interviews are all part of the process. Additionally, provisional training for caregivers, the recording and review of data and direct observation of individuals are required for success.

CEO of PBS, Michael Nolan recognized that his organization was going through a growth phase. With it came increased costs, more limited communication and collaboration and a more difficult experience for patients. So, Michael decided to address the growing needs of his business and act. In December, 2016, PBS and Communication Square LLC, a Microsoft Gold Partner, decided to implement HIPAA compliant backup and cloud data protection with the Operations Management Suite. Doing so proved to be an incredibly smart move for PBS, helping them avoid disaster in June, 2017.

On-premises data storage brought PBS dangerously close to disaster in June, 2017. Fortunately, they had implemented OMS Backup and Site Recovery. The move saved them from substantial losses in every facet of their business.

“We are thankful to Communication Square for offering a brilliant solution to back up our data, which would have otherwise been lost or corrupted.” 

Bill Herbert
Chief Operating Officer,
PBS Corporation

Bill Herbert


PBS Corporation now uses the System Center Data Protection Manager. This comprehensive level of security better protects PBS while reducing costs, enabling them to increase innovation and productivity. Also, the IT staff is free to work on more important matters, no longer required to maintain data backup. Protection and recovery is part of the Operations Management Suite, which offers a wide variety of benefits. Increase availability with real-time recovery, enhance security with HIPAA compliant backup and move entire workloads to the cloud with just a few clicks. All aspects of cloud data protection are easily created, configured and managed.

“The HIPAA compliant backup provided PBS with complete cloud data protection. Additionally, the OMS allows for the restoration and recovery of data whenever they need it.”

Favad Qaisar
Communication Square

Favad Qaiser


With OMS backup, PBS was able to protect their application data. Above all, the data could be retained for years without any capital investment and with minimal operating costs.

“We backed up their data from both physical and virtual Windows servers, in addition to application workloads such as SQL Server and SharePoint. With System Center Data Protection Manager, we were able to replicate their data to Azure for long-term storage.”

Ayesha Imtiaz
Microsoft Technology Associate,
Communication Square

Ayesha Imtiaz


With Azure Site Recovery as their cloud backup and recovery solution, PBS’s workloads remain available during planned and unplanned downtimes. Additionally, replicating workloads ensures that all data is available from a secondary location. If the primary location goes down or faces interruptions for any reason, data remains available and accessible. ASR contributes to disaster recovery by orchestrating the replication and recovery of on-premises Hyper-V virtual machines. This provides a simple failover and recovery plan for workloads. Also, disaster recovery mechanisms such as SQL Server Always On are integrated. This provides a range of recovery plans against workload failure that are tiered across multiple machines.

“We no longer worry about our backups, disaster recovery plans or other operational tasks since we ventured with Communication Square. Due to their professional and technical skills, we now focus on our business rather than managing IT all the time.”

Michael Nolan,
PBS Corporation.

Michael Nolan

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