Reynolds Logistics: Unified Communication Solutions

Company: Reynolds Logistics Ltd.
Industry: Transportation & Logistics
Employees: 500
Overview: Communication Square Deploys Unified Communication Solutions for Reynolds to Transform their Collaboration and Teamwork Processes.
Solution: Skype for Business & Phone System.


Migrating from a communication system that employees are comfortable with is a difficult decision for management. Will a more efficient and system make up for the cost and hassle of retraining staff to use it? Will the company still be able to do business during the transition? In the end, are unified communication solutions really worth it? These questions and more have lead many to decide that upgrades are a problem for another day. And as those days pass, those companies fall further behind.

As the technological shift continues its inevitable march across the business world, more businesses are discovering Microsoft Gold Partners like Communication Square LLC. They offer expert guidance in the area of unified communication solutions, enabling faster, more effective communication that gives companies the edge they need.

The Skype for Business Online and On-Premises platforms allow companies a variety of communication options all in one place. However, they have to ensure the functionality of the new system is matched exactly with their needs. In addition, they have to make certain their entire workforce is trained and comfortable for optimal efficiency. “Showing them that it’s easier than it appears is the most challenging part. Once they understand the process, it’s a smooth road ahead,” said Communication Square CEO, Favad Qaisar on engaging new clients.

Every organization wants to simplify their telephony structure by eliminating the need for expensive hardware that requires frequent updates and heavy maintenance. That’s where Skype for Business and the integration of Cloud PBX comes in, offering the best possible unified communication solutions, customized to the precise needs of each client.

“We deployed Skype for Business, including Cloud PBX integration, and set up Polycom Phones to reduce Reynolds Logistics, Ireland’s teleconferencing and communication costs by 45%.” 

Favad Qaisar
Communication Square

Favad Qaiser


Communication Square LLC recently deployed Skype for Business, a hybrid structure, for Reynolds Logistics Ltd., based in Ireland. Declan Maxwell, Reynolds Logistics Ireland CEO, said the third-party system previously used by the company was “beginning to cause problems and we could see little things slipping between the cracks. It was time for a change before a major landslide, but we just didn’t know what to do.”

The company’s existing system required a complete PBX infrastructure, which was costly to purchase and expensive to maintain. Most importantly, it limited the mobility of the employees to their workstations. The system couldn’t be accessed remotely from home or mobile devices. And this was far from the extent of their problems.

Reynolds Logistics had decided to start using a variety of different Microsoft products. Their emails were hosted on Exchange Online. Files and data were migrated to SharePoint Online. And their propriety logistics application had its databases stored in Microsoft SQL. The telephone system was “just not in sync with everything else. It felt like a third wheel, and the problem was that it was affecting us in the worst possible way… client calls couldn’t be entertained after hours, and even after spending so much, we were literally using the old school scheduling system where employees had to keep track of their appointments through manual calendars,” said Michal Skackov, Systems Architect at Reynolds Logistics.

“I know it might sound geeky, but getting to schedule a meeting and then not having to follow it up through an altogether separate calendar was exhilarating. I didn’t recognize how much pressure it was to remember things until the point when I didn’t have to… felt great!”

Ignacio Galarza
Solution Architect,
Reynolds Logistics Ireland

Ignacio Galarza



With the implementation of Cloud PBX, PSTN calling, PSTN Conferencing and Skype Meeting Broadcast, Reynolds Logistics finally had the unified communication solutions they so desperately needed. And best of all, it wasn’t just about a great telephony service. Skype for Business allowed integration with the rest of the Microsoft suite to “further impact productivity in a powerfully efficient fashion,” said Juan Perez, Business Development Manager at Communication Square LLC.

Communication Square felt it would be optimal for Reynolds to start using Office 365, and took the company’s 250 users through the entire training process. “Change is always frightening,” said Mr. Qaisar. “That’s why our consultants offer deployment services as well as 24/7 training support. Each member of the workforce is trained to use the new features to the best of their ability. This ensures that our clients get the most out of their new technology.”

Once the unified communication solutions were in place, the migration continued to the next step of the process. Skype for Business Online was introduced. Once the users were accustomed to the features, they were shown what the Conferencing and Cloud PBX features could do. To that end, Polycom phones were set up for the client as well, providing the best option for enhanced usability.



Declan Maxwell said about the migration, “I really didn’t know what Unified Communication Solutions were until everything at the office was integrated. It might seem like a small thing, but a coherent system is everything. Being able to send emails, IMs, make PSTN calls, schedule meetings and have everything stored in one place is so easily accessible; it greatly contributes to the ease of use and it has a visible impact on productivity. The licensing discounts offered to us by Communication Square were exactly what we needed, and I love the mobility feature. We have all our employees install Skype for Business on their personal devices, phones and home computers.”

“Every business has their unique needs, and Communication Square was able to find the perfect mix of services to help Reynolds Ireland optimize their communication system.”

Favad Qaisar
Communication Square

Favad Qaiser

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