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Oct 17

There is a New VM Family in Azure

By Farwah Aslam | Microsoft Cloud

The Azure Virtual Machine family is seeing a rapid expansion in the lineup consistently. Microsoft looks to both increase productivity and refine functionality. There was a time when it was straight forward enough to pick an Azure Virtual Machine from the limited options available; you could have an A-series VM of lower

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Aug 11

Microsoft Azure Stack Pricing

By Communication Square | Microsoft Cloud

Why Microsoft Azure Stack pricing/service charges are typically lower than Azure prices? The term “A cloud in your data center” explains that Azure Stack doesn’t avail an additional data center. While Azure being a cloud platform requires data center outside your organization, which includes all of the operational costs of data center

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Aug 03

Microsoft Azure Stack

By Communication Square | Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft now brings you a new platform known as Microsoft Azure Stack. It allows you to run Azure Services from your own Datacenter, ensuring security and reliability. The idea of its designing is to help you in key scenarios, like meeting security and compliance requirements. Or where you need to access Azure resources without internet connectivity

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