Disaster Recovery & Backup Services

What is Disaster Recovery?

Azure Cloud also is a disaster recovery solution. It can give you the invaluable advantage of having a reliable backup of your information on the cloud. Your cloud provides you with countless options to make sure that your data is always in protection and always accessible; even in the most disastrous situation. Communication Square gives you the flexible platform you need to truly benefit your business.

Every organization needs a reliable backup of their system so that information is retrievable and accessible whenever and wherever there is a need of it. It also needs to be stationed in a way that makes it safe from hackers or any unauthorized access.

Azure Disaster-Recovery

When using Azure Cloud, you have the ability to back up your servers directly to the Cloud. That means there is no need of third party tools. Encryption takes place and you hold the key, which ensures you are in control of the data, and hence its safety.

Automation is also an added feature of the backups, so even if you forget to run a backup on the data, in case of a breach, your data is not lost because it has been automatically backed up.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can find the right solution for your backups. So that you don’t have to worry about losing your data. The Azure Cloud disaster recovery makes a lot of sense to create an off-site backup. And it works well with Microsoft integration, providing you with countless features.

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