Insight & Analytics

Insights & Analytics is a real-time operational intelligent solution provided by OMS that monitors and examines the accessibility and performance of different resources including physical and virtual machines. It provides integrated management across your on-premise data-centers and public clouds. It collects, stores and analyzes log data from virtually any source and turns it into some real useful information. It allows you to make custom queries as per your requirement and you can also generate alerts of your queries. It gives you real-time operational insights using integrated search and custom dashboards to analyze heaps of records across all of your workloads and servers irrespective of their physical location.


  • Collect, Store and Analyze data across all your workloads.
  • Gain immediate insights through extensive log collection.
  • Identify and troubleshoot IT issues faster with Log analytics.
  • Add Custom built solutions driven by log analytics.
  • Leverage log searches where you can create queries to analyze collected data.
  • Transform machine data into valuable information.

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