Microsoft Azure Cloud Migration

Why opt for Azure Cloud?

Cloud has come to stay, which is why now is the best time to use it fully. We have 5 Microsoft Cloud Competencies at Communication Square because we know we can do it right the first time.

Azure Cloud has been shown to be the best option for Microsoft clients because it is designed in a way that allows it to work well with other products, including the Windows Server, Exchange, Microsoft Office package, and much more.

The Azure Cloud platform is flexible and supports a range of operating systems, and programming languages, tools, as well as devices and various databases, to ease the process.

With this in mind, it would be safe to say there isn’t any reason to stay behind your competition. Which is why you should come and explore the variety of customized services that Communication Square offers.

MS Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud features include:

  • Building Infrastructure
  • Development of Modern Applications
  • Gaining Insights from Data
  • Managing Access & Identity

Communication Square offers a range of Services for Microsoft Azure

Azure Active Directory Connect

Azure Active Directory Connect (previously known as Directory Sync) allows you to sync Directory and Passwords to thousands of cloud (SaaS) applications, and access to web apps that you run on-premises.

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Data Center Migration Solution

The Azure Data Center Migration Solution helps your organization utilize Microsoft’s modern Cloud Platform, and have access to a virtual data center, with the same amount of control, at sizable less cost.

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Disaster Recovery

Azure Cloud provides users with the disaster recovery feature to provide you with the opportunity to have a reliable backup within the cloud.

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