Microsoft Azure Rights Management

Why use Azure Rights Management?

Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) is the protection technology in use by Azure Information Protection. With Azure RMS, you can protect your sensitive corporate data with secure access to both internal and external resources within your company. This efficiently protects your information from unauthorized access by using high-end and customized protocols that improve your data’s overall security.

Azure Rights Management Service supports you to securely share your organization’s data, in addition to the ability to protect content stored in Office (Exchange and SharePoint either on premise or online)

Sensitive information is consistently within access of employees on various devices. They are always connected to the internet, and sensitive data is being shared with relevant parties. Routine work demands users to share this information through file-sharing tools, emails and cloud services. Traditional security does not give you the safety and protection needed when high-traffic sharing of information is required.

Communication Square is one of the first Partners to sell and also deploy Azure RMS cloud seats. So we can help you setup, configure, and train users to effectively use Azure Rights Management to protect your confidential and sensitive information.

Microsoft Azure Rights Management

The capabilities include;

  • Helps you to securely share important documents over emails.
  • Enhance securities of your SharePoint libraries
  • Helps keep your information safe, whether offline or online
  • Seamless integration with all your Office documents
  • Apply custom templates
  • Share through Microsoft OneDrive
  • Helps protect the entire conversation
  • Increasing brand value health with strong integration through Exchange and a clean Office 365 user interface
  • Helps you to protect your data In-place
  • Provides you with file level encryption.

Azure Information Protection Plans Comparison

FeatureAzure Information Protection Premium P1Azure Information Protection Premium P2
Manual document classification and consumption of classified documents feature is included feature is included
Automated data classification and administrative support for automated rule setsfeature is included
Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) that spans Azure RMS and Active Directory RMS for highly regulated scenariosfeature is included
Protection for Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business contentfeature is includedfeature is included
Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) for customer-managed key provisioning life cyclefeature is includedfeature is included
Custom templates, including departmental templatesfeature is includedfeature is included
Protection for on-premises Exchange and SharePoint content via Rights Management Services (RMS) connectorfeature is includedfeature is included
RMS software developer kit for all platforms: Windows, Windows Mobile, iOS, Mac OSX, and Androidfeature is includedfeature is included
RMS connector with on-premises Windows Server file shares by using the File Classification Infrastructure (FCI) connectorfeature is includedfeature is included
Document tracking and revocationfeature is includedfeature is included
Protection for non-Microsoft Office file formats, including PTXT, PJPG, and PFILE (generic protection)feature is includedfeature is included
RMS content consumption by using work or school accounts from RMS policy-aware apps and servicesfeature is includedfeature is included
RMS content creation by using work or school accountsfeature is includedfeature is included
Office 365 Message Encryption (OME)feature is includedfeature is included
Administrative controlfeature is includedfeature is included


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