6 Ways You Make Use of Microsoft 365 to Increase Security of Your Business

No matter which business sector you work in, it usually involves a computer system with all your stored data. In this technology driven-industry, the number of hackers and cybercrimes has seen a significant increase. With just a single cyber-attack, you could lose your confidential data if not secured in the right way. When planning for a new business, other than preparing for finances, products, or services, you should try to pay more attention to safety protocols as well.

For example, suppose you are starting a moving company. In that case, you need to know basics like Whats the difference between usdot and mc number and protect your information before you begin. If your business runs Microsoft products, it is best to have an insight into the security services to make the most out of it. It has become necessary to protect your data against cyber threats and ransomware. Here is a guide for you to enhance security protocols if you have Microsoft 365 Security.

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Train Your Employees

Besides running their main tasks, employees should be trained to run safety programs and avoid cybercrime. It would be best if you increased awareness about safety issues in your company.

Incorporate safety measures and make their use common. You can advise your employees to work on safety actions like using a strong password and enabling safety features on Windows and Mac computers to avoid getting attacked by hackers and malware.

Protect Mail Against Malware

You can see a significant increase in your Microsoft 365 Security if you block the commonly used attachments for malware. One amazing thing you can do for your business is to enhance protection against infected mails.

For activating this option, visit the Threat Management option in your device and choose the Anti-Malware option. You can then double-click and edit the option to edit this company-wide policy. Afterward, visit the Settings option and click on Common Attachment Types Filter. A blocked site list can be seen, which you can add or later as you need.

How to Avoid Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are risky for any business as it locks your computer, restricting access to your own system. Your files can get encrypted by a ransomware attack, making it hard for you to interpret your data.

One effective way to avoid ransomware is to block file extensions that often lead to these attacks through Microsoft 365 Security. Warn your employees to beware of Office file attachments that include macros. Ensure not to open files from an unknown user as it can contain any virus, malware, or ransomware attack.

Tighten Your System Access Security

You can strengthen the protection of your device by using multi-factor authentication. It enables you to create a code or password to gain access to your Microsoft 365. It prevents a hacker from getting access to your files and stealing them.

You can enable multi-factor authentication to most of your accounts, like Google accounts. After activating the 2-step verification process, your users will be asked to set up their codes for their next log-in. To access this protection feature, turn on Security defaults on your device.

Office Message Encryption

When using Microsoft 65, you can set up Office Message Encryption to strengthen the security of your device. It enables your company to receive and send encrypted email messages. It can be done between your business employees as well as outside of your organization.

You can encrypt your emails in Microsoft 365 Security from platforms like Yahoo, Gail, and Outlook.com, and so on. By encrypted messages, it restricts its access to unknown people and hackers. Companies should allow access to confidential information to a limited number of members to ensure security.

Protection from Phishing Attacks

You can access Anti-phishing protection, which is a part of Microsoft Defender for Office 365. It ensures security for your computer system from malicious phishing attacks. You have to configure a custom domain on your Microsoft 365 to activate this feature.

You can protect your important users by creating a protection policy. Small steps towards your goal of ensuring protection can play an essential part in becoming a success. 

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2021)

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