Accelerate Work Efficiency with Microsoft Office Tools

Accelerate work efficiency with Microsoft Office tools
Accelerate Work Efficiency with Microsoft Office Tools Communication Square 00:10
(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

Windows Hello

Hello introduces Biometric Security to log into Windows 10 devices using face, fingerprint or iris to unlock the device.

Windows PIN Sign In

Included with Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, the PIN Sign In is more secure than a password. That’s because even if someone knows a person’s PIN, they still need the Device to get access and if they do get it and a person’s PIN, will only have access to that one device, not your entire Microsoft Account.

Microsoft has devoted a lot of resources in recent years towards cybersecurity, which should help small Business owners breathe more easily.

Surface Tablet

The latest Surface tablet device, the Surface Pro 4, is described as, “The tablet that can replace your laptop.”

Surface Pro 3 has become go-to travel device because it is light to carry and goes through airport Security without a need to take it out of briefcase, yet has a keyboard so one can do substantial work on the road.


If Businesses run on client appointments, then Microsoft Bookings is all one needs to get to help ease the Management process-a self-service scheduler.

Bookings enable customers to set up, change, and cancel appointments with Business; without having to call, 24/7 on any device, both online and mobile, and now on Facebook as well.

How’s that for customer service AND operational efficiency?


Bots are little automated agents providing help or customer service online or on mobile devices in a personalized way.  Microsoft has a bot framework to enable small Businesses and their developers to implement bots on websites. Or Communication platforms like Skype.  There’s even a directory of prebuilt bots to try out. Bots is helping small Businesses leverage Technology Solutions that give them real outcomes.

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