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Access your data on your Fingertips Communication Square 07:07
(Last Updated On: January 14, 2019)

Work anywhere, anytime on any device. Office 365 cloud provides a complete set of tools to increase productivity and collaboration, whether you’re working in the office or on the go. The real world though, productivity can be summed up in a simple question: Can you do my job easier or not? Microsoft has invested heavily and spent a tremendous amount of time trying to make the user and administrator experiences of Office 365 as easy and simple as possible.

What is office 365? Office 365 for business is a Microsoft subscription service that includes access to Office applications and online productivity services, as well as business services such as web conferencing, hosted email, and online storage. You’ll get the following when you sign up for Office 365 for business.

The idea is that increasing simplicity yields greater productivity. Whether it is an administrator setting up a new employee or a business analyst writing policy and procedure documents in Word. When the technology gets out of the way and you can focus on your job, you become more productive. Try using a typewriter instead of a Word processor. Whoever thought copy and paste would be such a game changer?

Some key features about 365 that makes it unique:

  • Access from anywhere with office 365

Accessing your enterprise software over the Internet has some big advantages. For one, all you need is your computer — desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone — and an Internet connection or phone coverage. Because the software is running in a Microsoft data center, you simply connect to the Internet to access the software.

Another benefit of accessing centrally located data is that you always have a single source of the truth. If you make a change to a document from your tablet at home and then your colleague views the file from their phone, she will see the most up-to-date document. Gone are the days of e-mailing Excel documents between machines with long file names.

  • Create, Store and Share Content with Office Apps for Greater Collaboration!
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Intranet for your organization with SharePoint
  • Go Mobile with access across all devices
  • Easily Connect And Collaborate With Your Team, Increasing Productivity!
  • Skype for Business and Outlook
  • Single-click audio and video calling
  • Hassle-free scheduling with shared calendars
  • Unified communication across platforms and devices
  • Improve Efficiency with All-in-One Security, Management and Administration!
  • 9% uptime guarantee
  • Security and compliance dashboard
  • Data privacy features to control and monitor who has access to what
  • Mobile device management
  • Improve Administrative Flexibility with Office 365 Cloud Add-Ons!
  • Scheduling and management of workforce through StaffHub
  • Yammer, a corporate cloud social network
  • Create plans, organize and assign work with Planner
  • Engaging reports, presentations and newsletters with Sway

Microsoft Security

Assess your organization’s security status and identify threats with Secure Score, an Office 365 Data Security Assessment Tool. This tool includes detailed analyses using historical data and statistics on all Office 365 accounts, data and devices. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

  • Assess Your Company’s Security Environment and Learn Where You’re Vulnerable!
  • See where your current security measures stand and where they should be improved
  • Receive a range of best practices and recommendations based on findings
  • Use built-in security features and options to maximize your Office 365 data security
  • Office 365 encrypts data and only allow permissions parties to view them
  • Take Preemptive Action to Protect Your Company!
  • Activate built-in security, spam and malware filters
  • Employ mailbox and log recording audits for all users
  • Enable multi-factor authentication for all admins and users
  • Monitor Your Office 365 Data Security with a Wide Range of Detailed Reports and Analytics!
  • Receive reports in html and Excel
  • Weekly sign-in reports, including from unknown sources
  • Account provisioning activity reports
  • Email security in Office 365 and malware detection report

Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Migrating to the Microsoft office 365 system can be a bit hard to do on your own. There are some great Microsoft real time co authoring features to access there, but in order to do that you have to migrate to the system the best way that you can. The challenge that comes from this is that migrating an entire system to Microsoft 365 can lead to errors, so you need someone that will back up everything and ensure that your transfer goes smoothly.

The reason you want to migrate to Microsoft 365 is because you have a complete, optimized structure that’s ready to go and suitable for any project task. You also have extended collaboration capabilities, a fully connected cloud environment and facilitated support and maintenance. By migrating to Microsoft 365, you have a much better control over the system and you can feel free to use the entire system the way you want. You have everything under control in a meaningful way without having to worry about any possible challenges that can appear.

Why Communication Square?

  • you will have the pre-migration activities that focus on finding any inconsistencies or problems. Those will be fixed before the migration process itself.
  • Then we have the migration process. You have multiple models like cutover migration which delivers everything in one go. You also have staged migration that focuses solely on specific features being moved at one time. Then you also have hybrid migration that helps distribute data between the cloud and on-premises. This way you can work comfortably in both situations and the results can shine due to that. You can also opt for DirSync that moves all the data to the cloud. However, in this case the active directories remain offline.
  • There’s also a need to integrate various cloud solutions like ERP, BI, CRM and project management. All of them are extremely important for your business, and Communication Square will include those one by one.
  • Lastly you will have post-migration training and support. You will receive the adequate training and support that you need in order to ensure that everything runs flawlessly and with the best possible results.

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