Automation with Microsoft Flow

By Farwah Aslam | Collaboration

Jun 01

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integration of Microsoft Flow

All of this is only possible by the integration of Microsoft Flow, a Cloud based automation-platform that not only consolidates a myriad of Cloud-based applications in one place but also pool this data to engage clients. This is achievable with the Microsoft On-premises data gateway; the same gateway that facilitates communication between other Microsoft Cloud-based services like Azure Logic Apps, PowerApps and Power Bi. In essence, flow lets you automate all your workflows, which in simpler terms means online consolidation of data and information, a company would previously have stored on paper and then it takes it one step further by interpreting the workflow and providing solutions and opportunities to more holistic and integrated approach to communicating with your clients and finding more potential ones to interact with.


You don't have to take our word for it; the statistics pertaining to flow speak for themselves. When Microsoft initially floated a preview of Microsoft Flow in April 2016 it got over 117,000 hits from people working in an estimated 61,000 organizations spanning a total of 139 countries. At launch, Microsoft Flow supports 42 languages across six regions and has a 99.9% Service level agreement.

So FLOW is the way to go, available in both free and paid service plans. And it is authored in a number of useful tools; including all major Mobile OS , Web based services, Templates and even language translation services. This is all to bring an unprecedented level of communication service protocols. Hence, effectively reducing development time and allowing customers to accelerate their delivery time and consistency. Contact us for further details. 

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