4 Ways Skype for Business Can Help your Business

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Aug 17

Every Business, small or large, new or seasoned, is always looking for ways to improve Business Productivity. There are several different options that are available. Like sometimes improvements to the major Business functions are needed in the form of new machinery, improvement in production times etc. While some changes are concerned with supporting functions like acquiring better modes of Communication!

Choosing the best option is not always easy, with so many alternates available. If you are looking for the optimal Communication tool to enhance Business connectivity. Here’s a simple walk through all the features of Skype for Business that are extremely helpful for your Business.

1. Easier and Faster Communication

Whether it is placing audio or video calls, setting up meetings with multiple participants, or even sending an IM, Skype for Business allows you to have these features available on single click of your mouse.

The interface is so easy to navigate around that the users can expertly use it after a single demo.

2. Screen Sharing and Desktop Presenting Features

It is assumed that virtual meetings are not that effective. It is difficult to hold people’s attention when you are talking to them out of a mic. But Skype for business has resolved that problem with its great screen sharing features. During a meeting, not only can participants share their desktop, but present PowerPoint slides or any other program to make any session more interactive. Hence it becomes more Productive.

3. Greater Accessibility

Users no longer have to be glued to their desk if they need to Communicate with another person. Skype for Business is easily downloadable on multiple gadgets meaning you have Communication on the go.

Furthermore, whether you need to connect with someone in the next room, or outside of the country, it is all equally easy and trouble free.

4. Unified Solution & PSTN Integration

Skype for Business integrates brilliantly with Microsoft Exchange, and multiple other PSTN carriers. It then  allows you to use a single Solution for sending Instant Messages, making Audio/Video calls, calling someone on PSTN, setting up conferences and even listening to voicemail. For more information, please contact us at Communication Square today and get started with Skype for Business right away to help boost your Business!

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