Enhancing Productivity with Microsoft Teams

Enhancing Productivity with Microsoft Teams
Enhancing Productivity with Microsoft Teams Communication Square 02:08
(Last Updated On: July 8, 2018)

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that brings together people, conversations, content and tools—creating a more open, Digital environment. Threaded conversations make it easy to understand what each employee is referencing, and employees can co-author and Collaborate on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents without ever leaving the app.

In today’s era when organizations are looking for methods to ease the process of sharing Data as this can have a crucial impact upon the Productivity of an organization. The ability to quickly access information and Communicate seamlessly from anywhere helps Teams work faster and smarter. With employees and departments working across different floors and offices (or even across the world), sharing ideas and staying in sync becomes easier with Microsoft Teams. Collaborative applications in the Cloud enable employees to work across departments, locations, and organizational boundaries with ease.

The app does a pretty good job organizing a lot of content at once. All users get access to all the information that’s been shared in a channel by default, so watch who you talk about in there.

The basic layout should look familiar to anyone who has used one of these apps before. There’s a main content stream and a left rail, which lists different Teams inside of the main channel, where users can be form groups by things like department. Only those in the main group can be added to the Teams.

Users can essentially decide what they want to pin to the left rail, including files and Teams. You can also collapse those lists down, so you dont have bombardment with too much information at once.


Conversations are automatically in the form of threads, which is super helpful for groups that share a lot of information. When scrolling through, you’ll only see pieces of each conversation that are pertinent to you. You can also like or flag a specific post for easy access later. Teams features a standard text edit when writing a post, including old standards like bold and bullet points.

Meetings are one of the more compelling features Microsoft’s bringing to the table here, incorporating Skype functionality into the app. You can schedule a meeting in advance and start inviting people. Or you can just click the video icon to start things of. Meetings are video by default, but you can also use just audio.

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