Fostering Growth in Cloud Computing

Fostering growth in cloud computing
Fostering Growth in Cloud Computing Communication Square 10:27
(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

There are various massive advancements taking place in Cloud Computing that are creating new possibilities for businesses and enterprises capabilities to transform the way they deliver products and services. As this transformation accelerates, virtually every company in every sector of the economy is becoming in part a Digital business. And as a Digital business; it must master the new legal challenges that come with participation in the booming Digital economy.

Challenges Cloud Computing

One challenge that Technology leaders such as Microsoft have long addressed is the risk of patent infringement. Microsoft have over two decades of experience and a broad legal infrastructure designed to manage these risks. In addition, Microsoft plays a crucial and pivotal role in promoting Digital opportunities more broadly for companies across the economy.

So, to foster and nurture Cloud Computing and make the benefits of it available Microsoft is launching Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program, the industry’s most comprehensive protection against intellectual property (IP) risks.

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