How Analytics Using Power BI Helps Business

By Farwah Aslam | Business Intelligence

Jun 01

As anyone who has ever driven a car can tell you; the dashboard of the vehicle is the most invaluable tool in your car. It is so perfectly integrated that we take it for granted; we couldn’t imagine driving a car without one in fact. Without an odometer your car would actually be running out of control; no direction and no possible measure of how to regain control. Now imagine if your business came with a dashboard, the very idea seems ludicrous right, but we live in world with edible water bottles and adorable self-operating vacuum cleaners so maybe the idea doesn’t seem as far-fetched now. Imagine getting out of your car and getting into your office complex. You sit down onto your desk and you bring up your dashboard that shows you all the integrated data for our business.

Welcome to Power BI. The brain child of Microsoft, an Azure Cloud based service that embeds seamlessly with your business and gives your business a direction and gives you more control. It shows you all your key performance indicators; basically in layman terms the sales you've made in a particular time period, the amount of money you have invested and where your lion share of return is coming from. Click here to get your free demo.

We humans aren’t meant to crunch up long numbers in our heads. Most of shrink at the sight of mathematics and complex arithmetic equations. Recent advances in medicine tells us that our brains are wired to respond to visual cues much more easily than to numerical data. You and I would rather appreciate art than stare at a string of binary code. Look at a colorful curated graph rather than filter through data trying to make sense of it. The beauty of Power BI is that it lets you make sense of complex Analytical equations by displaying them as easy to use info graphs. Whereas before business owners had to employ techies or buy expensive 3rd party software to get the same results.

Business owners can now create and publish content packs or your entire organization with just a push of a button. These content packs include dashboards, reports, and data sets that provide every user with a personalized view of their business metrics and performance indicators. All of this content gets support by Cloud servers so this data is accessible from your laptop, tablet and even your mobile phone; in your office and also on the go.

A lot of content on the Power BI suite is free to use so you can play around with it and see if it works for you. Microsoft also incorporates a flexible payment plan so you can access more features of the tool as your business expands. All of us are part of a data revolution now and it would be pretty helpful if we get a fix for our business too. The Power BI boasts an impressive arsenal of options and it gets better; you can use it to generate answers for specific questions too.

Question That Require Answers

Interested to know what product in your line up was the hottest seller last year? Which employee made the most number of sales last quarter? Which particular day of the week was the most lucrative in terms of sales made? Power BI once integrated with your company’s database uses pretty routine SQL directed data analysis mechanics. To do what? To answers all of these questions and more. Interested in predicting market trends? You can actually analyze current trends and be prepared to tackle and benefit from any changes. That is like always being at the right place at the right time. And importantly, having the right answer for all of the questions. Visit our website for further details. 

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Farwah Aslam: Your routine healthcare physician and a technology enthusiast.