How IoT Has Revolved over the Years

By Communication Square | Internet of Things

Feb 26

More Data, More Sources, More Applications

Organizations are beginning to realize the value Data brings customers, seeing how tools perform, workout Data, shopping Data.

Devices Have Become Smaller and Easier to Configure

The user experience is better and the devices are easier to use.

Machine Learning

Machine learning and analytics presents useful knowledge for Companies. Excessive business consumers understand the value of Data and the value of consumer services rather than building infrastructures.

More Things to Connect

More opportunities to triangulate Data. Excessive ideas to improve business performance.


Companies are thinking about where security fits and how IoT is useful to identify Security attacks. Furthermore, companies are seeing the value of big Data. Real business problems are being solved with industrial IoT, cars, medical devices. Enabling  medical devices for in-field software delivery to manage business while addressing security issues.It has become more mainstream but it still has a long way to go. In addition, Customers are more in engagement with IoT devices but they may not look at it that way since it’s becoming just the way life. IoT has been a crucial factor for businesses to make decision making to improve efficiency and yield factors.

More Progression

Now one can go and deploy figuring out what belongs at the edge versus in the cloud. What’s the cost from the computing perspective using device Clouds like Azure.

The ecosystem has evolved to work together in a more efficient manner. The confluence of sensors, cloud, and third-party Data sources such as social media, have created new possibilities for IoT applications. Almost every device / sensor is sending a Data signal that is turnable into intelligence. Data streaming technologies are getting better at extracting Data out of these systems. Data storage is now cheaper. Cloud is now mainstream making analytics and insights more accessible. So the commercialization of Data now happens through the Cloud. Because Business Intelligence  (BI) platforms have advanced to better serve at the end of this value chain, making Data more usable, credible and trusted for business decision making. Visit our website or contact us today. 


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