January 18, 2021
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Microsoft StaffHub’s Evolution

There are an estimated 800-million frontline staff workers around the world in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing and other service-related industries. These employees normally don’t have their own offices, desks or computers and that makes it hard to access and share essential information. 

Microsoft launched StaffHub in 2017 to help out! Its aim was to help staff workers manage their workday with Time Management, Information sharing and the ability to connect to other employees with the help of such organizational initiatives. However, Effective June 30, 2020, Microsoft StaffHub has been retired. Microsoft has built StaffHub capabilities into Microsoft Teams. Today, Teams includes the Shifts app for schedule management while additional capabilities will also roll out over time. You can look into various Microsoft Teams Consulting Options to help you get a better outlook of the transition. 

These changes are part of Microsoft’s continued efforts to empower every employee with Microsoft 365. With all capabilities for Firstline Workers now in Teams, every employee and supervisors in your organization will be able to use Teams to for workforce management, collaborate with coworkers, share content, quick message, to complete tasks and access information and employee resources to help them do their best work!

Frequently Asked Questions About Microsoft Staffhub

What will happen once StaffHub is retired?

StaffHub stopped working for all users on June 30, 2020. Anyone who tries to open the app is shown a message directing them to download Teams.

Will Teams offer all the functionality currently offered in StaffHub?

In January 2019, Teams began offering Shifts which was previously available in Microsoft StaffHub. This feature allows the entire workgroup in the firstline workforce to plan and distribute shift schedules, and team managers and team members the opportunity to review their schedule and make schedule change requests from their mobile devices.

Why can't users in my organization access their StaffHub team from Shifts in Teams?

To access a StaffHub team from Shifts in Teams, you would have had to move the StaffHub team to Teams before June 30, 2020, which is when StaffHub was retired.

What happens if I didn't move a StaffHub team to Shifts in Teams?

Teams that were created using the core functionality from StaffHub and weren't moved to Teams can no longer be viewed or moved effective June 30, 2020 when StaffHub was retired. However, you can start using Teams any time and create a shift schedule in the Shifts app to ensure excellent user experience.

If you had a company StaffHub team associated to an Office 365 group that you didn't move your systems to Teams and you now want to create a Teams Shifts schedule associated to that Office 365 group, contact your IT team.

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