Office 365- Productivity Toolkit

Office 365- Productivity Toolkit
Office 365- Productivity Toolkit Communication Square 01:51
(Last Updated On: July 6, 2018)

With a Collaborative suite of tools, enable employees to use the Tools that work best for them, without compromising security, productivity, or budget. So by lessening the number of vendors involved in the Business applications, your IT team will have peace of mind, and employees will have less passwords to remember with Office 365.

Ease of Use

With a suite of tools, employees hesitant to adopt new Technology will be able to transition from one application to the next without having to learn a new interface or keep track of multiple passwords.

More Productive Online Meetings

Instead of relying on voice only calls; Cloud-based video calling through Skype for Business lets employees around the world to Collaborate as if they were in the same room. In addition, screen sharing and chat functionality built into every meeting means never relying on third party apps.

The End of Versioning

Instead of passing versions of files back and forth, co-authoring a document in Word Online will allow for direct and concise feedback. If revisions need to be found, the historical changes to a document are easily retrieved.

Free-Flowing Conversations

Employees can choose the conversation medium that works best for their team, whether chat, email, or enterprise social.

Secure Cloud Access to Files

With organizationally supported Cloudbased access to files from anywhere; your employees have internet access, secure remote working is truly a possibility.

External Collaboration

Collaborating with those outside your organization is possible with secure external access to different applications in Office 365. The best part? As soon as a contract or partnership is over, IT can revoke permissions remotely.

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