Optimize Sales and Business Operations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365.

By Communication Square | Microsoft Gold Partner

Apr 27

In today’s era, the mantra of success is digital transformation. We can detect this significant transformation in various elements of society; such as of customer experiences, business operations and mechanism of creating new opportunities.

To explore new methods to improve organizations efficiency; companies are looking ways to transform their companies, business processes and systems used to run operations, connect with customers. And aslo manage teams to drive better business outcomes. But many of those systems, particularly the CRM and ERP systems of the past, either have complications or are out of date. Resulting customers slowed down response, disconnected and unintelligent business applications that don’t give them a consolidated view of their business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, turning what was convectional and disconnected into a set of intelligent cloud services that allow any business to start small with just what it needs, scale on demand as its needs grow and add additional solutions as its needs change. So with Dynamics 365 we deliver modern, intelligent experiences and services that connect all the data across your enterprise. This eventually helps you make better, faster decisions and achieve optimal outcomes.

The new integration of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to create a seamless experience, saving your representatives valuable time.

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Helping?

Dynamics 365 for Sales is already helping salespeople to improve sales and customer experiences. For example, they can work on sales data and derive actions directly within Office 365. To do what?  To actually move quickly towards closing a deal. Create quotes using customer insights, accurate pricing and inventory data. And then record it in the appropriate system and finally send it to the customer.

So with Communication Square learn to leverage and optimize your company’s growth in sales and revenue with Dynamics 365.


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