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Tips and Tricks to Automate Tasks in your company for Productivity


Automation is the use of various control systems for operating or aligning task as per your requirements. Automation in an organization is a simple administrative task to keep your workflow in order and smooth. There are plenty of tools that can be used to keep the workflow process automate and to organize yourself in order according to your work plan.

Similarly, there are few Microsoft Analytics Tools to help keep your efficiency high:

These office 365 task management tools are highly useful to run a business or an organization.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft planner makes it easy for the team to create new plans, assign and align tasks, share files, chat about your progress, and get updates on progress.

It's easy to use

You choose “New Plan” when you want to create a new workflow, name it accordingly with a public or private email address. You can also choose to view by “charts” or you can transition to “Notebook”.

Manage your task

Task are your currency in the Planner. You have a to-do list, where you can add a title to the task, a due date, and assigned member.

Stay Organized

Buckets in Planner are your columns where you can move a task card from bucket to bucket. It helps to see which task is pending and which ones are completed.

Bring your team on-board

Add members according to the task and assign them with a due date and time.

Performance review

The planner has a performance tracking feature. The progress can be viewed in a chart, where Red sections mean running late, blue in progress, yellow haven’t started yet and greens are done.

Planner cares if you’re running late

Deadlines are in front of each card and it will be red-flagged if you are running late on a project. You can also view members progress by charts in front of their names. If someone is slacking off it can be viewed and managed accordingly.

Microsoft StaffHub

Microsoft StaffHub is a cloud-based platform designed for employees whose job requires them to be on their feet or on the go. Examples include baristas, hair stylists, waiters, bus drivers, and so on. StaffHub helps you create and manage work shifts, share files, and communicate important information with team members. It's available to Office 365 for business subscribers and comes with a web app for managers and mobile app for employees. The mobile app supports both iOS and Android. It’s an efficient employee scheduling app.

Manage Schedules

It is a handy app for managers to create, update and manage shift schedules for their team. Employees have access to all their shift information and have the ability to swap with others right from Microsoft StaffHub mobile application. The app provides a summary of upcoming shifts and employees can have a look who else is scheduled for the day. If shifts collide Microsoft StaffHub makes it easy to swap a shift or offer a shift to someone else.

Share Information

With Microsoft StaffHub, managers can distribute important information to their team. Managers can send quick messages to team members or an entire workgroup. Microsoft StaffHub also supports the ability for admins to define custom links for workers to view in the mobile app, which can point to important resources or sites, such as HR systems for reporting time off, or to custom applications, built with tools such as Microsoft PowerApps. Managers can also export team schedule information to a .csv file for use in other systems.

Microsoft Power (BI)

What is Microsoft Power BI?

The Microsoft Power BI is a software designed for easy data processing. That’s putting it a bit simple, but these programs do have a simple objective. The system aims to help businesses turn all of that messy, complex information into ex-tractable insights.

Key features about Power BI and why we need them to increase our productivity?

Finding Data

Power BI primary purpose is data mining which means it searches for information in many different sources. There are two main methods for the process, import data to Power BI or you can Direct Query.

Transforming Data (Query)

After you have imported the data the Power BI allows you to classify it by organizing the data. The Query Editor will let to shape, change, configure and restructure the data in multiple ways.

Reporting and Publishing

There are a lot of different ways to present the information, but the most common elements are pie and line charts. Digital Analysis Expressions (DAX) lets you calculate the columns and charts and Power BI let you publish your reports, but you need a registered account for this.

On-Premise Data Gateway

This is a cleave feature as it forms a permanent link between the data sources and your report. The report will update itself whenever new information is added, or the existing data is changed. To keep your data fresh, install the Power BI On-Premise Data Getaway separately. Its an all in one productivity tool where you can edit data and ensure new information is up to date.

Office 365

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is a Microsoft content management solution and it allows groups to set up a password protected space for sharing documents. It allows you to store, download and edit all sorts of documents.

Benefits of using Office 365 task management app

  • Makes day to day business easier: Review, approve and track documents
  • Easy Access: Can access data anytime, anywhere
  • Share sensitive info: Documents are protected with a password, you can use Azure Information Protection and Rights Management features to protect confidential information from falling into wrong hands.
  • Easy to follow: Documents history versions contains information when the file was changed, who changed it and which information was changed. Authors can view and restore previous versions to recover from unexpected changes.

These tools are useful to increase productivity in your company and it’s great for employee scheduling. Automating the workflow makes it easy for task to be completed in a timely manner with just few productivity tools. Microsoft provides plenty of software’s to manage your timelines at your organization to achieve your daily targets. Contact us today to book a meeting

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