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Microsoft Office 365 Security Features

Security Features in Office 365

Data security is a major issue for businesses and organizations today. So, ensuring that your Data is secure is becoming more important every day and vital to business operations. In today’s world the most important thing to protect is your data. If a SMB lost their data, there is a 93% chance that the business will go out of business within a year, as per facts and figures by different researches. Learn more about Security features of Office 365 to prevent this from happening to you!

As companies are moving to the cloud the main concern of all the companies is whether their data is safe and secure on the cloud? Office 365 provides you different layers of security to protect your data on the cloud even on-premises service.

In the beginning when you are moving to the cloud or even when your data is locally stored you can apply different layers of security on it. When you apply these security layers each layer protects the document differently. These layers ensure that only the right person have access to it.

By understanding the significance and importance of your Data, Office 365 has introduced Intelligence to help you proactively manage risk and ward off threats. It will become easier for you to manage risk and stay ahead of threats because of the capabilities in Office 365.

In this article we will discuss top security features to protect all the corporate data, even if the data is lost these features protect it so the only authorized people have access to it.

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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi Factor Authentication increases the security of the user on cloud services beyond the password. By applying MFA on users, the user always will be required to authenticate the login by using a phone call, text message, or an app notification on their smartphone.

Top reasons to enable MFA

Simplified User Experience

Protection against unauthorized access

Mitigate phishing threats

Here you can find a How-to that explains about enabling MFA for O365 users.

Device Management

Mobile Device Management is a feature of Microsoft Intune used by the IT department to secure employee device and protect corporate data on the devices used by employees, either it is personal or corporate device.

You can use Intune to protect the data on device. Intune further provide two solutions:

When the device is protected by mobile device management the Intune admin has the authority to wipe the complete device in case of device theft or stolen, also he can wipe only the corporate data.

When the device is protected by Mobile Application Management the Intune admin may only wipe the corporate device and data from the device.

4 Top Security Features in Office 365

You can get more on Intune vs SCCM.

Threat Protection

Threat Protection is basically a security solution in Security features of Office 365, which protect sensitive data which is targeted by sophisticated malware or hacking-based attacks. Threat protection is done using Advance Threat Protection (ATP), a centralized management console, endpoint agents, email gateways, malware protection and network devices to alert and defense.

ATP uses analysis pipeline to detect any threat

  • Cache Lookup
  • Antivirus Scanning
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Static Analysis
Security features in Office 365

Secure Email + Data Loss Prevention

Secure Email + Data Loss Prevention helps the organization to protect their data as the email and its content is encrypted while in transit or at rest, DLP helps organization to keep their data secure even you sent the file accidently.

Data Loss Prevention is a rule that pre-screens sensitive information. For example, you might want to screen Credit Card number in your emails or any other sensitive information.

Identity Protection

Azure Identity Protection is identity admin toolbox to detect and remediate identity risk in their organizations. It monitors every login for identity compromise using numerous detections. These detections can be based on heuristics, machine learnings or from partner products.

There are 2 detection types:

  • User Risk – Probability that an identity is compromised
  • Sign-in Risk – Probability that a sign-in is compromised
  • Real-time – Based on only real-time detections
  • Aggregated – Based on all detections

These risks are shown as high, medium and low in identity protection.

Organizations can define the policies based on these risks to secure their valuable data.

Privileged Identity Management

An admin user account breached is much worse as compared to a normal user account, some users may need admin privileges to complete some task but not for all the tasks. Here the Privileged Identity Management comes in, it works just same like Azure Just in time access where some user needs admin rights he should request to the global admin who then accept the request and define the time period for how long the user has admin privileges. It works with office 365 and other Microsoft cloud apps.

For more details about Security Features in Microsoft please feel free to get in touch with us.

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