June 26

Three Great Ways to Appreciate Cloud Technology


We’ve all been there. It’s 2:55 on a Wednesday afternoon; you know what time it is because it’s been 2:55 for the last twenty minutes. When is Greg from IT going to wrap it up already, as if you’re ever going to learn about Excel macros? There are sports highlights to check out Greg, wake up.
And then you hear it. Those dreaded words. “The cloud makes it easy to go between your office and mobile work station.” Whoa. Did this just become a Wicca meeting? Are you signing your rights away to some mystery cult by smiling and nodding back at Greg?
So now you’re caught: Do you fess up and admit to Greg that you gave up after Window’s XP? That’s not going to get you the promotion. Keep cool and carry on reader! Try any of these hot tips and you’ll trick Greg (and maybe even yourself) into believing that you’re a tech savvy guru too.

1. Raise your hands over your head and yell, “praise the cloud!”

You will really be swinging for the fences with this one. Either Greg from IT is some kind of witch doctor here to share the teachings of the Cloud or you just bought yourself a one-way ticket back to the front desk.

2. Live Tweet Greg About the Cloud

Maybe you have a feeling that Greg from IT is introducing his one true god, but you have a lot of feelings that are usually wrong. Remember Sharon from HR? Here’s one for the more conservative tech-hopefuls out there: Tweet Greg during his presentation. Here are some great examples:

- “@greg434 loving this tutorial man, can’t wait to let the #Cloud rain wisdom on me! #TechFan”

- “My man is crushing this info sesh – very excited to go back to my desk and learn more about the cloud without throwing up into my lap! @greg434”

- “Can’t wait to get my mom into the #Cloud! #JK She is an atheist! #haha #tech @greg434”

3. Smile at Greg, Nod, and Run Back to Your Cubicle so That You Can Weep Softly until the Work Day Is Over

OK. You’re still pretty sure that this is a cult presentation, but nobody else is pulling out their wallets. Let’s face it: If you’re having this much trouble with the cloud then maybe you need to consider your options. Thankfully Communication Square is here to help. Before you know it you’ll be worshiping the Cloud in no time. Get started today and see what we can do for you.

To know more about Cloud technologies visit our website or contact us to book a meeting today. 

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