Easy Ways to Get Started with Skype for Business

Easy Ways to Get Started with Skype for Business
Easy Ways to Get Started with Skype for Business Communication Square 12:30
(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

Once you have made the right decision to opt for Skype for Business 2016, to avail all the great features the platform has to offer for managing your internal as well as external Communication, the next important step is figuring out how to go about getting the platform deployed.

Two Ways of Getting Skype for Business 2016

  1. Skype for Business Online
  2. Skype for Business Server (On-Premise)

The online version is easier to get, but the On-Premise server is better with greater features! The article will give you information about both the methods so you can take an informed decision based on your exact needs.

Skype for Business Online

The Skype for business Online version is a great option if you are running a small Business with say less than 50 employees. It is useful if you don’t have an Exchange server, and is an excellent tool for

  1. Sending Instant messages
  2. Placing Audio and Video Calls/Conference Calls
  3. Sharing documents and files
  4. Scheduling virtual meetings
  5. Screen sharing- desktop sharing and programs sharing
  6. Creating polls and Q&A sessions during meetings
  7. Keeping full history of all Skype for Business activities and recording audio and visual conversations and meetings
  8. Placing landline calls and directly dialing mobile numbers through the Cloud PBX feature

You can get the basic Skype for Business 2016 plan for as low as $2 user/month.

Skype for Business On-Premise

The major difference between the Online and the On-Premise version is that of scalability. While the features remain the same, for organizations that are large enterprises and have multiple different office locations, have information too delicate for the Cloud, and already have access to Chat and Dial-audio conferencing, Skype for Business On-Premise is the better option for them.

For more information on which option you should opt for, visit us at www.communicationsquare.com/contact and get started today.


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