Protection & Recovery

Protection and Recovery in Operations Management Suite is a comprehensive and manageable solution in OMS that offers many benefits such as increasing availability with real time site recovery, increasing data protection with direct cloud backup and speedily move workloads to the cloud with just few clicks. You simply need to create a vault where you can create, manage and configure backups. You can even choose level of backup such as complete VM backup or just files and folders backup. You can restore or recover the complete VM whenever needed.
With OMS backup and site recovery, your applications and workloads remain available during planned or unplanned down times and you can also replicate workloads so they can be available from a secondary location if your primary location goes down.


  • Real-time availability of your applications and data
  • Backup and reestablish critical resources from an integrated cloud-based service.
  • Create personalized recovery plans, and easily test failover.
  • Release resources on-premises with cloud backup.

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