Security & Compliance

OMS offers a powerful unified solution to protect and control your enterprise server security and provides you an intelligent and effective threat detection security and compliance solution. Like all other solutions, OMS security and compliance also gives you an elevated view of your company’s IT security. You can also use built in queries to detect security risks and take appropriate actions to mitigate them.

In OMS dashboard, you can add security and compliance solution where you can audit the security of your organizations for example, in one view you can see all the computers with missing security updates or all the computers which have insufficient protection or have some authentication issues. By considering the security and compliance solution in OMS dashboard, you can take proactive or reactive measures as needed so your IT’s security remains intact.


  • Built in search queries for malicious attacks.
  • Analyze and investigate events across various data sources.
  • Detect threats before they happen.
  • Know the security position of your complete environment irrespective of platform.
  • Streamline security audits.

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