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A complete Identity and Access Management Solution awaits with Azure Single Sign On and Microsoft Azure Active Directory Migration.

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Confusion for Employees
61% of workers mix personal and work tasks on their devices

Usage of Non-Approved Apps
80% of employees admit to using non-approves SaaS application on their Jobs
Network Intrusions
70% of network intrusions are due to exploited, weak or stolen credential


It’s never been easier to manage who has access to which apps across all your devices. With Azure Single Sign On, your employees are automatically signed in on corporate devices. This allows them easy access to your cloud-based apps without the hassle and expense of on-premises infrastructure. With an Azure Active Directory Migration, you get the best all-in-one solution. Directory services with application access management and identity management and protection—all from the cloud! Save money, time and hassle with a free quote today!


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Protect Sensitive Data

Control and Protect Devices, Accounts and Who Has Access to Corporate Apps!

  • Role-based access control
  • Privileged account management
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Device registration

Identity and Access Management with Azure Single Sign On!

  • Password writeback
  • Integrates with your existing active directory
  • B2B collaboration
Access Management

Analytics and Reports

Receive Regular Reports and Audits!

  • Application usage monitoring
  • Rich auditing
  • Security monitoring and alerts
  • Identify security breaches with machine-learning-based reports

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Azure Active Directory PLANS COMPARISON

 FreeBasicPremium P1Premium P2
User/Group Management, Device registration
Single Sign On10 apps per user10 apps per userUnlimitedUnlimited
AD Connect
Security Reports3 Basic Reports3 Basic ReportsAdvanced ReportsAdvanced Reports
Company Branding
Multi Factor Authentication
Cloud Security
Conditional Access
Azure AD SSPR Availability

Cloud Admins OnlyCloud Users OnlyAny user Any user
MDM Auto Enrolment
Identity Protection
Privileged Identity Management
CostFree$1 $6$9

Casestudy Image AIP page

Want to see Azure Single Sign On and an Azure Active Directory Migration in action? Take a look at this brief case study to learn more about how it works!

WhatOur Clients Say

  • Communication Square has helped us greatly to streamline our Identity and Access Management through AAD Premium. We have found AAD to be extremely useful as we got so many features from a single product, including but not limited to, SSO for enhanced user experience, and Directory Service to manage identities.

    Christopher Rome
    Christopher Rome
    IT Coordinator, Kuester Management Group

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