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Say hello to document protection, tracking, and revocation through Azure Information Protection.

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Non-Approved Apps
8 out of 10 employees admit to using non-approved SaaS apps
Uncontrolled Data
88% of organizations feel they are losing control of data
Lost or Stolen Devices
1 in 5 mobile devices will be lost or stolen in their lifetime
Average Cost of Data Loss
The average cost of each lost or stolen record containing sensitive info

Your Data Protected Your Way

Now you can securely share important files and documents outside the boundaries of your office, no matter where it’s stored or whom it’s shared with.
Azure Information Protection brings the best in data security right to your fingertips with a highly compatible, cloud-based service and a team of experts at your disposal throughout integration and beyond!
Ready to upgrade your data security? Avoid expensive infrastructure costs with our cloud-based service!

Your Data Protected Your Way

Customized Policies

Take Complete Control of Your Data with Our Customizable Classification System!

Classify and label your data based on sensitivity

  • Automatically using predesigned templates
  • Manually for increased control and oversight

Encrypt Your Emails and Decide Who Has Access to What Information!

Encrypt company messages and manage rights with Azure RMS

  • Manage data across a range of Office 365 platforms
  • Assign and revoke rights and permissions with a click of the mouse
  • Control data sharing with Do Not Forward and Office 365 Message Encryption

Access Control

History and Reporting

Keep Tabs on Where Your Data Goes, How it’s Modified, When it’s Shared, and More!

Track your data and view reports

  • Unfettered access to the where, when and how of data sharing and modification
  • Review regular reports on the history of your data

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Azure Information Protection PLANs COMPARISON

 Azure Information Protection Premium P1Azure Information Protection Premium P2
Manual Document Classification
Automatic Document Classification
Hold Your Own Key (HYOK)
Protection for Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business Content
Document Tracking and Revocation
Bring Your Own Key (BYOK)
Custom Templates, Including Departmental Templates
mdm case study

Read A Case Study
About one of our customer in healthcare industry who have enhanced the security with the help of Azure Information Protection deployment

WhatOur Clients Say

  • Sharing the critical data within the organization or outside the organization was never an easy task. With Azure Information Protection and with the support of Communication Square, we can securely share our business-critical documents with people with complete visibility and control over shared data.

    Jennifer Agganis
    Jennifer Agganis
    Executive Clinical Director, ABA Foundation

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