Cloud App Security 

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a comprehensive solution that helps your organization to take full benefit of the cloud applications while keeping you in control through enhanced visibility into the activities. 

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Security as a Challenge
73% of enterprises indicated security as a top challenge holding back SAAS adoption
Non-Approved Apps
80% of the employees admit to using non-approved SAAS apps in their job


Discover Shadow IT 

  • Identify Cloud Apps Being Used on your Network. 
  • Deep Visibility into Shadow IT 
  • Visibility of User Activity in Cloud Applications. 
  • Get Risk Assessments  
  • Powerful Reporting and Analytics. 


Don’t Just Discover Shadow IT, Control IT 

  • Set Granular-Control Security Policies for the Apps you Approve 
  • Customize your Own Policies 
  • Prevent Data Loss 
  • Protect Data in Cloud such as Files Stored in Cloud Drives, Attachments, or Within Cloud Apps. 
  • Identify Policy Violations, Investigate on a User, File or Activity Level. 
  • Block Sensitive Transactions, Limit Sessions for Unmanaged Devices 

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Get Risk Assessment

Detect Threats 

  • Identify Irregularities in your Cloud Environment which may be a Symbol of a Breach  
  • Leverage Behavioral Analytics to Assess Risk in each Activity. 
  • Identify and Stop Known Attack Pattern Activities Originating from Risky Sources with Threat Prevention Enhanced with Vast Microsoft Threat Intelligence  
  • Send Any File Through Real-Time Behavioral Malware Analysis


Cloud App Security Features COMPARISON

 Microsoft Cloud App SecurityOffice 365 Advanced Security Management
App Discovery• Discovers 13,000 apps and provides an automated risk score

• Provides ongoing risk assessment for discovered services (usage patterns, upload/download traffic anomalies)
• Anomaly detection for discovered apps
• Manual or automatic log upload
• Discovers apps that have similar functionality to Office 365
• Manual log upload
Data Control• Anomaly detection and security alerts for Office 365
• Manual and automatic alert remediation
• Use existing Office DLP (available in E3 and above)
• Use Azure AD Premium for user and session access control
• Identify and control apps connected to Office 365 with the ability to revoke access
Threat Prevention• Anomaly detection and security alerts for Office 365
• Manual and automatic alert remediation
• Anomaly detection and security alerts for Office 365
• Manual and automatic alert remediation
Price• $2.5 per user per month• Included in Office 365 subscriptions

WhyCommunication Square!

We help you to discover and control the unapproved SaaS Applications being used in your cloud that may cause data breaching. We deploy the solution in your environment and customize it according to your business needs. 

WhatClients Say

  • With Cloud App Security, we have improved the visibility of Shadow IT within our environment and prevented malicious attacks right on time.

    Karen McDonald
    Karen McDonald
    Vice President of Operations, KuesterManagement Group

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