Enterprise Mobility + Security 

One-stop solution for all your security needs! Enterprise Mobility + Security is a secure and integrated solution which addresses your business needs to keep employees productive and company data secure, regardless of where your users choose to work from.

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Remote Workers
61% of workers report working outside the office at least part-time

Work from Different Devices
Around 3 devices are used daily by an employee for work
Increase in Devices
The number of devices managed in the enterprise increased 72% from 2014 to 2015
Passcode enforecement
90% of organizations deploy passcode enforcement, the most common device level policy

Classify & Protection Data

Identity Driven Security 

  • Built-In Multi-Factor Authentication 
  • Risk-Based Conditional Access 
  • Single Sign-On 
  • Privileged Access Management 
  • Secure Remote Access 
  • Cross-Organizational Collaboration 
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Mobile Device Management 

  • Mobile Application Management (without enrollment) 
  • Conditional Access 
  • Multi-Identity Management 
  • Selective Wipe of Corporate Data 
  • Unified Endpoint Management Solution 
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Unified Management Solution

Ems 4

Document Protection 

  • Classify, Label and Protect Data 
  • Simple and Intuitive Controls 
  • Tracking and Control over Shared Data 
  • Cloud and On-Premises Data Protection 

Threat Analytics  

  • Detect Threats Fast with Behavioral Analytics 
  • Adapt as Fast as your Attackers 
  • Focus on only Important Events 
  • Reduce False Positive Fatigue 
  • Prioritize and Plan for Next Steps 

Detect Threats

Information Protection

Cloud App Security 

  • Discover SaaS Apps and Assess Risk 
  • Control and Limit Access in Real Time 
  • Detect and Mitigate Ransomware Attacks 
  • Gain Unified Information Protection 

Enterprise Mobility & Security PLANS COMPARISON

Stand Alone Price
Azure Active Directory Premium P1$6 user/ month
Azure Active Directory Premium P2$9 user/ month
Azure Information Protection Premium P1$2.00 user/ month
Azure Information Protection Premium P2$5.00 user/ month
Intune$6.00 user/ month
Cloud App Security$2.50 user/ month
Advance Threat Analytics$3.50 user/ month
Price$8.75 user/ month$15user/ month

WhyCommunication Square!

Communication Square is a Microsoft gold partner with its expertise in Mobility Management. We have deployed a number of seats for our customers and gained their trust. We assess your environment and provide you with a solution that best fits your needs. We do not stop after deploying the solution, but we also provide our customers with 24/7 post deployment support to help them focus on their business and leave their IT worries to Communication Square! 

WhatOur Clients Say

  • Ensuring security of data with ever-growing mobile workforce has been a headache for us. We needed a solution that could improve our data security without compromising our user’s productivity, thanks to Communication Square! we now have Microsoft EMS that not only fits our security needs with its layered protection, but also increases the Productivity of Employees.

    Bryan Kuester
    Bryan Kuester
    President, Kuester Management Group

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