Office 365 Security Assessment

Secure Score is a Microsoft Office 365 Security Assessment Tool which helps you identify the security threats and assess the security posture of your organization which includes all Office 365 accounts, data, and devices. You can get a detailed analysis of your security status in office 365 with statistics of historical data.

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Sensitive Data
A Skyhigh report on ‘Office 365 Adoption Rate, Stats, and Usage’ states that 17.1% of the data residing on OneDrive or SharePoint is sensitive

Threats Per Month
Skyhigh also found that an average organization experiences 2.7 threats each month within Office 365

Data Breaches
According to a 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon, 63% of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak, stolen or default passwords
Breaches can occur fast
According to the same Verizon report, 93% of data breaches occurred within minutes and stay undiscovered for weeks


Assess Your Environment

  • Get Security Assessment of Your Environment
  • See Where Your Security Measures Stand
  • Know a Range of Best Practices and Recommendations to Enhance Business Security
  • Use Built-in Security Features
  • Figure Out Any Cyberattacks or Viruses
  • Malware Detections

Take Actions Before Its Too Late

  • Activate Built-in Security and Spam Filters
  • Mailbox Auditing for All Users
  • Audit Log Recordings
  • Mitigate Risks
  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for Admins and Users

Take Proactive Measure..

insight on analytics..

Security Check with Reports and Analytics

  • Proactive Threat Protection
  • Reports in HTML and Excel
  • Weekly Sign-In Reports
  • Account Provisioning Activity Report
  • Sign-In Reports from Unknown Resources
  • Reports on Mailbox Access by Non-Owners
  • Malware Detections Report

Get Help and Improve Secure Score

  • Aim for a Score According to Your Requirements
  • Let Communication Square Manage Your Security
  • Focus on Your Business and Leave Security Measures to Communication Square
  • Get Weekly and Monthly Security Reports
  • Engage Microsoft Certified Security Consultants
  • See the Improvement in Your Secure Score
  • Meet Compliance Requirements

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WhyCommunication Square!

Communication Square is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has helped many customers deploy Office 365. We have also taken special care in managing and maintaining the security level for our customers. With more than 7 years of hands-on experience, Communication Square is the best choice for you to start securing your Cloud.

WhatOur Clients Say

  • Security assessment by Communication Square is one of the best assessment one would ever want to take. It is detailed and gives you complete insight of security flaws in your environment. Communication Square has made security easy for us with their Security Assessment

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