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Cloud Based IT Spending
According to Forbes, more than 50% of IT spending will be cloud-based by 2018

Public Cloud Application Penetration
Rate of public cloud application SaaS penetration for collaboration applications is 81% till 2020 as per Statisca report.

Fortune 500 Companies Use Azure
According to Fortune 2016 Article, 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft Cloud

CFO's predict Cloud Impact on Businesses
According to Forbes, 74% of Tech Chief Financial Officers say cloud computing will have the most measurable impact on their business

Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Solutions

Communication Square is among the top 7% of Microsoft Gold Partners to have Co-Sell Ready  Solutions for different industries. You can start your digital transformation journey and we would help you get on board with ease.

  • Foster a productive culture and digitize your workplace with Cloud Solutions.
  • You can completely rely on our managed services without worrying about maintenance and management of your IT systems.
  • Communication Square’s Cloud Solutions will automate your business processes and build flows among different technologies so that you can better coordinate with your teams.
  • Our Solutions would help you secure your data and meet all compliance requirements.
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Cloud Based Business Phone

Cloud Telephony

You can transform your business communication with this Cloud-based Business Phone System. Some of the key benefits for you are as following

  • One platform for all your communication needs would help you get in touch with everyone in your office. You can chat, have audio/video calls, share your screen and files, and much more.
  • Save costs and go secure with our enterprise level secure cloud telephony solution.
  • Go mobile from every device, everywhere. You can have everyone from anywhere onboard for important online meetings.

Enable business-class communication now and learn more about Cloud Telephony.

Datacenter Migration Solution

We help you move your on-premises data centers on Microsoft Cloud securely. You can be sure your data integrity and protection with our services and Microsoft Cloud features.

  • Smooth migration services with zero downtime during and post migration so that your business keeps running without a break.
  • Reduce your IT headaches and take benefit of our customized service offerings to help you manage and maintain your data and its accessibility while you hold the key in your hands.
  • Backup and disaster recovery features ensure that your data is protected on the cloud 24/7. Learn more about back up and disaster recovery.
  • Only pay for what you consumed and save infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Read more about Datacenter Migration Solutions.

Zero Downtime Migration.

Empower Firstline Workforce

Firstline Workers Empowerment Solution

Communication Square helps you empower your Firstline workforce to gain maximum productivity for your business.

  • Tools and applications: Provide your employees on the Firstline of your business processes with right tools and applications to digitize their day to day tasks like shift management, communication and access to information.
  • Digitize the workspace with automated flows of information.
  • Securely manage your employees’ devices with built-in security and mobile device management features.

Start your Firstline Workers Empowerment journey to see real value added to your business.

Healthcare Solution

We offer Cloud based services to help you and your patients throughout the Healthcare industry with Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Solutions.

  • Manage your patients, records and staff with state of the art Cloud technology.
  • Engage with Remote Patients and provide your patients with healthcare facilities.
  • HIPAA and other compliance requirements are fulfilled through privacy policies enforcement, designed to protect your data.

The possibilities are limitless with our Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Cloud Solutions for Healthcare industry. Learn more about Healthcare Solution.


Cloud Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Represent Clients Effectively

Legal Bundle

Manage your legal office on the Cloud and advocate the best case for your clients.

  • Client-Centric communication features enable you to get in touch with your clients from anywhere and any device with extended conferencing and appointment scheduling.
  • Legal briefcase to manage all your case files and documents securely on the Cloud.
  • Collaborate with your teams seamlessly and work on the files together from anyplace and any device that you choose.

Learn more about Legal Bundle.

Media and Entertainment Solution

Deliver digital content to your audiences securely.

  • Accelerated content distribution globally allows you utilize Microsoft Cloud Solutions to stream your content across continents with studio level flexibility and cloud level security.
  • Get insights and analytics not only on the performance of your content but we also provide you with AI technologies to determine the trends and behaviors of your audience.
  • Secure content from uploading till playback with encrypted media. You can also configure protection rules so that you remain in control of the content that you distribute.

Read through our Media and Entertainment Solution to start accelerated and secure content delivery.

Accelerated Media Delivery

WhyCommunication Square!

Communication Square is one the top 7% of Microsoft Partners and we provide you with the industry leading Cloud Solutions to incorporate latest technology in your business. We have more than 7 years of hands on experience with Microsoft Cloud and our managed services enable you to focus on what you do the best and leave your IT headaches to us.

WhatOur Clients Say

  • Communication Square has proved to be the best choice for migration of our on-premises workload to Microsoft Cloud. Starting from migration planning to the never-ending support, they have migrated our workloads seamlessly from on-premise to cloud.

    Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds
    CEO, Reynolds UK

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