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Deliver your content to audience through secure cloud with Media & Entertainment Solution. In today’s digital world, with so many options around, keeping your customer engaged in your services is the biggest challenge. Media and entertainment industry needs the technology that gives fastest and most reliable streaming to its customers. Communication Square delivers the Intelligent Cloud Solution that accelerates media delivery, gives insights, and stimulate your staff to deliver more productivity.

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Minutes of Videos
Every second a million minute of video will cross the network by 2020
7.2 B
Equivalent Videos /Month
Amount of VOD traffic in 2020 will be equivalent to 7.2 billion DVDs per month

internet video surveillance traffic
By 2020, Internet Video Surveillance Traffic will be more than 5 EBs per month

of all IP Traffic
Global IP video traffic will be 82 percent of all IP traffic by 2020

Stream Events Live

Content Distribution Across the Globe

  • Use Cloud to Distribute Media all over the World
  • Stream Events live
  • Distribute Media on Customer Demand
  • Increase Reach Across Devices and Platforms
  • Studio level Flexibility with Cloud Level Security

Media Analytics & Insights

  • Gain Instant Access to Customer Insights
  • Analyze Customer Trends, Behavior and Stats to Ensure Personalized Experience
  • Gain Revenue with Improved Solutions using Insights and Analytics
  • Use Analytics for Surveillance and Security

Encrypt Media Content

Secure Content from cloud

Deliver Highly Secure Content

  • Encode Videos into multiple Media Formats on Cloud
  • Encrypt Media Content on the go
  • Secure Content on Cloud from upload to playback
  • Integrate with Active Directory or your own Authentication System
  • Configure Protection Rules with Simple APIs or Web Portal
  • Supports leading Industry Standards

WhyCommunication Square!

Communication Square is a Microsoft Gold Partner, providing Azure Cloud services to its customers for more than 7 years. Get accelerated content delivery and in-depth insights and analysis with our Media and Entertainment Solution.

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