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Keep your business running through thick and thin with Azure Disaster Recovery Solution. Disasters can happen to any business, keeping the business up and running in disastrous situation is a real challenge, but not anymore! With Azure Disaster Recovery you can create a customized DR plan to keep your business running in any situation

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Data Center Outages
Number of datacenter outages per year
Avg Downtime Duration
1.43 hours average duration of outages
Data Center Outage Costs
$690K average cost per datacenter outage
Additional Costs of Secondary Datacenter
$21.13 million, estimated cost of building a 8000. square feet ssecondary data center with 99.749% availability

Security Policies

Easy Replication to Cloud

  • Automatically Replicate VMs to the Cloud based on the Policies that you Setup.
  • Use Azure or your Secondary Datacenter as your Recovery Site
  • Manage the Constant Replication of Data by Integrating with Existing Technologies like System Center and Microsoft SQL Server Always On

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

  • Automate the Recovery of Services when a Site Goes Down at the Primary Datacenter.
  • Easily Create Disaster Recovery Plan in Azure Portal
  • Restore the Services Quickly with Azure DR.
  • You can Create Customized Plans that Fits your Business Needs, Including the Execution of Custom Windows PowerShell Scripts or Azure Automation Runbooks.
  • Test DR Plans whenever you Want without Unsettling the Services at your Primary Location.

Easy Site Recovery

Azure Site Recovery

Monitor the Health of your Workload

  • Site Recovery Monitors the State of your Protected Instances Endlessly and Remotely through Azure
  • All communication with Azure is Encrypted.
  • Your Data is Encrypted, and you can also Select Encryption for Data at Rest when Replicating to Azure as the Secondary Site
  • Run Reports and Analytics on Copies of Production Workloads in Azure without Disturbing Customers.

Azure Site Recovery PLANs COMPARISON

 Price for First 31 DaysPrice After First 31 Days
Azure Site Recovery to Customer Owned SitesFree$16/month per instance protected
Azure Site Recovery to AzureFree$25/month per instance protected

WhyCommunication Square!

Communication Square is a Microsoft Gold Partner with its expertise in Microsoft Azure Cloud. We have helped our clients to recover from disasters and keep their business up and running. We assess your environment and provide you with a solution that best fits your needs. We do not only deploy the solution but also provide our customers with 24/7 Post deployment support to help them focus on their business and leave their IT worries to Communication Square!

WhatOur Clients Say

  • We are extremely gratified with our relationship with Communication Square. They have always ensured Zero Down Time with the help of Azure Site Recovery even in most critical situations.

    Amy Springer
    Amy Springer
    Guardian of the User Experience Team, PBS

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