USING Sharepoint AS A document management system (DMS)

Effortless Document Management Seamlessly Integrated with Microsoft Teams

SharePoint Document Management System Features

Document Management System
  • Capture & Conversion – Digitalize paper documents, converting them from various formats like TIFF, JPG, and PNG into a uniform, searchable format like PDF. Our SharePoint DMS employs OCR software, enhancing the 365 Document Management capabilities by minimizing data entry errors.
  • ValidationEnsure scanned documents undergo automated checks for misspellings, missing symbols, and signatures. The system then auto-corrects or highlights questionable content for manual adjustments.
  • Metadata Management - Effortlessly manage document metadata, a crucial component in any document control system
  • Real-time collaboration on documents – Multiple users can simultaneously author a document. The system logs user access time and distinctively marks modifications by co-authors.
  • Document & Data Security - Protect vital documents from unauthorized access using advanced SharePoint ISO 9001 document control measures. Built-In Azure Information Protection always keeps them protected and encrypted.
  • Single Sign-On - Access all your apps with SharePoint’s convenient single sign-on feature, eliminating the need to log into different systems continuously
  • Version History - SharePoint’s document handling system allows for easy check-outs and edits, maintaining clarity on the most up-to-date version.
  • Workflow Automation - SharePoint’s robust workflow automates routine processes, ensuring appropriate document access and modifications.
  • Indexing & Search – Use SharePoint DMS to tag documents based on content and metadata, enhancing search and retrieval capabilities. The Azure Document Management repository ensures smooth categorization and archiving.
  • Alerts and notifications – Receive automated notifications regarding document-related changes, reinforcing document management capabilities and ensuring timely responses.

Benefits of SharePoint as Your Document Management Solution

SharePoint isn't just a Microsoft DMS; it’s a comprehensive SharePoint content management solution offering:
  • SharePoint is Everywhere – SharePoint is a go-to for many of the world’s largest businesses, establishing itself as a state-of-the-art document management system.
  • Compatibility – Owned by Microsoft, SharePoint integrates seamlessly with the Office suite and other Microsoft-owned software.
  • Customizability – Over 65% of organizations using SharePoint customize it further to suit specific needs.
  • Reliability & Storage – Trust in SharePoint’s reliability, ensuring no unintentional overwrites and offering expansive storage based on your subscription.
  • Advanced Search – Find documents easily based on file names, metadata, and content, making document retrieval precise.
  • Structured Workflow – Built-in workflows collect approvals, feedback, and signatures, optimizing the document control system.
  • Continuous Growth – Since its inception in 2001, SharePoint has grown from a simple server management tool to a powerful Legal Document Management System.
  • Top-tier Security – With folder-level security, SharePoint ensures each file and folder can have customized permissions, keeping sensitive data safe.

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Why opt for Communication Square for Document Management System Deployment?

At Communication Square, we optimize your content’s value with a potent fusion of enterprise document management and workflow capabilities. We guarantee that your data transitions with minimal downtime, enhancing your SharePoint Document Management capabilities.

Through our done-for-you services, we ensure that your data is moved with minimal downtime!

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SharePoint Document Management System Case Study

Company: Town of Bluffton

Industry:  Public Sector

Employees: 500

Overview: Implemented a SharePoint-based Document Management System fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. Features included automated workflows to scan document contents and approval workflows tailored to business needs. All document metadata was preserved, with capabilities to generate user and security-based alerts.

Solution: SharePoint Document Management System

SharePoint Document Management System FAQs

Do we need a Document Management System?

Almost all companies, especially those with more than ten employees, require a Document Management System. With the increasing volume of documents used daily, it's vital to have a system in place for sharing, collaboration, reviewing, and signing. Hence, a Legal Document Management System is necessary to manage our documents efficiently.

What do I need to know about Document Management?

There's a lot to understand when it comes to Document Management. It's essential to consider the specific needs of your company and its requirements. For a deep dive into the nuances of document management and its integration with other Microsoft 365 Apps, check out SharePoint Governance & Its Integration With Other Microsoft 365 Apps. Additionally, consider consulting Communication Square LLC for tailored advice.

What are the unique benefits of SharePoint 2019?

SharePoint 2019 comes with a host of improvements and unique features. For a comprehensive breakdown, consider reading about the 6 benefits of SharePoint 2019.

Is a DMS all about workflows?

No, a DMS isn't solely about workflows. While you can have a DMS without workflows, implementing them can be immensely beneficial. Workflows eliminate mundane, time-consuming tasks in any process, making an Azure Document Management repository more efficient.

Which Platforms are supported for SharePoint based DMS?

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • How good is SharePoint as Document Management System?

    SharePoint stands out as a premier document management solution. Once implemented, it offers companies significant time savings. To understand its efficacy better, you can read a SharePoint as Document Management System Case Study. Furthermore, it provides efficient sharepoint content management capabilities, enhancing its utility.

    Does Office 365 have a document management system?

    Absolutely! Microsoft Office 365 encompasses several software solutions tailored for document management. This suite includes SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics, and OneDrive. For a more in-depth comparison, you can check OneDrive vs OneDrive for Business & Competitors

    What is the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive?

    While OneDrive offers an intuitive files experience across devices, SharePoint in Microsoft 365 serves as the backbone, providing content services for all Microsoft 365 files, encompassing Teams, Yammer, and Outlook. If you're curious about how these tools compare, take a look at SharePoint vs OneDrive: Which Is Better for Your Company?

    What is a document management system (DMS) vs. enterprise content management (ECM)?

    A document management system primarily focuses on managing and controlling documents. In contrast, an enterprise content management (ECM) system encompasses broader capabilities, managing a variety of file types. This can include added capabilities like workflows, business process management, and information governance. Nowadays, content services platforms are replacing ECM.

    What are the benefits of cloud-based document management system?

    Cloud-based document management systems offer a plethora of advantages. They alleviate the IT burden related to infrastructure, maintenance, and security. These systems scale seamlessly, provide redundancy, and automatically update. A notable feature of some cloud-based solutions is their cost-effective, long-term archival storage. For insights into how cloud-based solutions can be implemented across different sectors, you might find this Azure Information Protection Solution for Healthcare Case Study beneficial.

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