Microsoft Identity Protection Service: Safeguard Your Business's Digital Presence

Secure your business's identity in the digital world with our Microsoft Identity Protection Service.

The Critical Need for Microsoft Identity Protection in SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses are navigating a perilous digital landscape:

65% of SMBs face phishing attacks

A primary threat to digital identities

$300,000 is the average cost

SMBs might incur from an email compromise

Over 70% of SMBs

Are inadequately prepared for cyber threats, particularly those targeting identities.

These figures underscore a stark reality: SMBs are highly vulnerable to identity theft and fraud, not just because of their digital exposure but also due to the potentially devastating aftermath of such attacks.

Why Our Microsoft Identity Protection Service is Your Best Bet

Our Microsoft Identity Protection Service is meticulously designed with SMBs in mind, offering

Specialized Identity Safeguards

Utilizing Microsoft 365's advanced security features, we protect your digital identity against unauthorized access and fraud.

Scalable Security Solutions

Perfectly tailored for small to medium enterprises, our service scales with your business, ensuring ongoing protection.

Proactive Defense Strategy

It’s not just about defense; our service proactively manages identity access, keeping potential threats at bay.

What's Included in Our Service

  • Least Privilege Access Implementation: Restricting user access to essential services only, minimizing risk.
  • Emergency Access Accounts: Creating cloud-only emergency accounts, ensuring access control with FIDO2 keys.
  • Conditional Access Configuration: Implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) across all user accounts, fortifying your defense.
  • Legacy Authentication Blocking: Cutting off outdated access points to secure your systems against vulnerabilities.
  • Self Service Password Reset (SSPR): Enabling secure password resets to reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency.
  • Azure AD Primary Authentication Customization: Configuring Azure AD for passwordless sign-ins through Microsoft Authenticator, enhancing both security and user convenience.

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Identity threats are ever-present and ever evolving, but with Microsoft Identity Protection Service, your business’s digital credentials are defended with cutting-edge security measures. Secure your identity!

Why Trust Communication Square?

Partnering with Communication Square for your Identity Protection means:

Microsoft Cloud Prowess: Our expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies translates into superior, cutting-edge identity protection for your business.
Customized Security: Understanding that no two businesses are alike, we tailor our services to address your specific security needs and concerns.
All-encompassing Service: From strategic planning to implementation, our comprehensive approach covers every aspect of identity protection, without the need for extra investments.

Strengthen Your Business's Identity Security Today

With Communication Square's Identity Protection Service, step confidently into a future where your business’s digital identity is secure and protected against the ever-evolving cyber threats.

Communication Square stands at the forefront of safeguarding digital identities, offering a comprehensive suite of services that include not only advanced Identity Protection but also Teams Phone System, Document Management System, Microsoft Managed Services, Azure Virtual Desktop, Office 365 Migration, Microsoft Copilot Studio, and Mobile Device Management

Empower your business with unbeatable digital identity protection. Choose Communication Square now.

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Microsoft Identity Protection Solution

Company: Rising Above ABA LLC

Industry:  Healthcare - Specialized Autism Treatment Services

Employees: 75

Overview: Rising Above ABA LLC faced the critical challenge of protecting their digital environment against identity threats while maintaining a high level of service for their clients. The organization needed a seamless transition to more secure identity and access management practices to safeguard sensitive information without interrupting the vital services they provide to families.

SolutionMicrosoft Identity Protection


Do I need to be tech-savvy to use this service?

Nope! We handle the complex stuff, and we'll explain everything in easy-to-understand steps.

Is this service good for all small businesses?

Absolutely, it's perfect for any small business across the USA, helping to keep your online information safe.

What does the Identity Protection Service do?

It's like a security guard for your company's online identity, making sure only the right people can access your business's Microsoft 365.

What makes Communication Square good at protecting my business online?

Think of us as your personal tech helpers. We know exactly how to set up your Microsoft 365 security to keep the bad guys out.

What's Multi-Factor Authentication?

Think of it like a double lock on your doors; it checks who's trying to get in more than one way to make sure they should be there.

Why is 'Least Privilege Access' important?

It means people only get the keys to parts of your online business that they need, which keeps things safer.

What are emergency access accounts?

They're special keys we make that let you get into your Microsoft 365 if something goes wrong, like a spare key hidden in a safe place.

How does resetting passwords myself help me?

It lets you and your team change passwords fast if you forget them, so you don't get locked out and can keep working.

What's the deal with password less sign-ins?

We set things up so you can log in without a password, using a special app instead, which is safer and easier.

Why stop using old login methods?

Old ways of logging in aren't as safe, so we stop using them to keep out hackers.

Get the Service Now for Only $500! Limited Offer – Act Fast!

Identity threats are ever-present and ever evolving, but with Microsoft Identity Protection Service, your business’s digital credentials are defended with cutting-edge security measures. Secure your identity!