Email and App protection Service: Fortify Your Microsoft 365 Setup

Elevate your business's cyber defense with Communication Square’s Email and Apps Protection Service, Secure Your Business Emails and Apps against digital threats targeting your communications.

Why Email and App protection Security is Crucial for SMBs

SMBs are increasingly in the crosshairs of cyber attackers, with:

1 in 3 SMBs

Experiencing email compromises leading to significant financial and data loss.

60% of cyberattacks

Over 60% of cyberattacks targeting small businesses involve email.

95% of cybersecurity breaches

Are due to human error, often through email interactions.

These stats underline the critical importance of how to Secure Your Business Emails and Apps against sophisticated threats.

Why Our Email and App protection Service is the Perfect Fit

Expert Microsoft Partnership

Our direct line to Microsoft ensures you receive the most advanced and up-to-date security measures available.

Focused on SMEs

Designed specifically for businesses with 10 to 100 users, our service guarantees personalized attention and a 

security setup that aligns perfectly with your needs

Comprehensive Security Setup

From SPF records to Defender for Office 365 presets, our comprehensive setup envelops your communication tools in a security blanket, letting you operate with peace of mind.

Included in Our Service

  • SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Policies: Solidify your email’s authenticity and shield it from spoofing and phishing attempts.
  • Unified Audit Log Activation: Gain visibility into every activity within your Microsoft 365 setup, essential for both compliance and security.
  • Alert Policies and Defender Presets: Stay ahead of suspicious activities and sophisticated attacks with real-time alerts and robust defense strategies.
  • Anti-Phishing, Safe Links & Attachments: Protect your users from deceptive practices and malicious content designed to compromise your system.
  • Email Security Enhancements: From blocking auto-forwarding to managing phishing reports, ensure your email environment remains leak-proof.
  • Extended Protection to SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams: Safeguard your collaborative platforms against unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Secure Collaboration Controls: Manage guest access and external communications effectively, keeping your collaborations secure.
  • Optimization with Configuration Analyzer: Leverage our expertise to adjust your settings for optimal security posture.

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Why Choose Communication Square for Your Email and App protection Solutions?

Communication Square stands at the forefront of safeguarding digital identities, offering a comprehensive suite of services that include not only advanced Identity Protection but also Teams Phone System, Document Management System, Microsoft Managed Services, Azure Virtual Desktop, Office 365 Migration, Microsoft Copilot Studio, and Mobile Device Management

As your premier consultant, we ensure a seamless, risk-free transition across all services, guaranteeing minimal downtime and a smooth adoption process. From the initial assessment to deployment and beyond, our expert team covers every aspect of your digital security needs.

We're not just any Microsoft Consultant; we're your partner in navigating the complexities of digital security, offering tailored solutions that protect your digital presence across multiple platforms. Trust us to be your all-in-one solution for a secure, efficient digital environment.

Your Leading Email and App protection Solutions Partner!

  • Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Partner
  • Microsoft Direct CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider)
  • Over 7 million+ Cloud Seats Achieved
  • A Fast-Track Recognized Microsoft Partner


Email and App protection Solution for Public Utilities Case Study

Company: South Tahoe Public Utility District

Industry:  Public Utilities - Water Quality and Waste Management

Employees: 200+

Overview: South Tahoe Public Utility District partnered with Communication Square to bolster their digital communication and collaboration tools' security, addressing the urgent need for advanced protection against phishing, spoofing, and cyber threats within their Microsoft 365 environment.

SolutionEmail and Apps Protection by Communication Square


What is the Email and Apps Protection Service?

It's a specialized service to keep your business emails and apps safe from hackers and harmful software.

How does this service protect against email spoofing?

We use something called DMARC to make sure emails are really coming from who they say they are.

Can you help set up secure email sending with SPF and DKIM?

Yes, we set up SPF and DKIM records to add layers of verification to your email sending process.

How will I be alerted to suspicious activities?

We set up alerts that let you know right away if something fishy is happening in your Microsoft 365 environment.

What does 'Defender for Office 365 Presets' mean for my business?

It means we turn on Microsoft's own security settings to protect against complex attacks on your Office 365.

What is Anti-Phishing Protection?

It's a way to protect your team from fake emails trying to steal sensitive information.

How does blocking auto forwarding help secure my emails?

It stops potentially sensitive emails from being sent outside of your company's control.

Does the service include protection for SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams?

Absolutely, we extend the security to cover where your team collaborates, shares files, and communicates.

How much does the Email and Apps Protection Service cost?

To Secure Your Business Emails and Apps. The service is priced at a one-time fee of $1,500, without including the Microsoft 365 licenses.
Keep in mind that while this service includes a comprehensive setup, Microsoft 365 licenses are billed separately if you don't already have them.

Get the Service Now for Only $1,500! Limited Offer – Act Fast!

Don't wait for a security breach to happen. Protect your business today with our Email and App protection Service. Take the first step towards a safer future!