Securely access work applications and data from wherever you are and on any device. 

Azure Virtual Desktop Features

Azure Virtual Desktop expands the possibilities beyond the physical desktop screen in the office.

Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Desktops and enterprise apps can be virtualized in multi-session, multi-user scenarios. Full desktop virtualization environments run through Azure subscriptions. Additional gateway servers are not needed.
  • Assigned users can connect with virtual desktops and apps through any Windows Virtual Desktop client device, including Windows, macOS, iOS or Android.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop offers unified management for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server and Windows 7 desktops and apps.
  • Persistent desktops provide maintained ownership for the individual user.
  • Reverse connections can be used to establish users securely.
  • FSLogix for profile management can separate user profiles from the underlying OS.

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Virtual Desktop Vendor Comparison

The following table provides an overview of some of the key factors to consider when looking for a DaaS product. The table compares seven of the most popular DaaS products on the market today.


Supported Guests OSES

Windows Delivery

Starting Price

Free Tier or Trial



Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows & Linux

Desktop & Server-based

Free to Eligible Customers

Free Azure services for 12 months

Multiple support tiers through Azure

Amazon WorkSpaces

Windows & Linux



Free tier for 12 months

Multiple support tiers through AWS

Citrix Managed Desktops


Desktop & Server-based


Request 14 day free trial

Multiple support tiers through Citrix

Cloudalize Daas



$1/month + $20/month


Contact vendor for support info

DinCloud DinWorkspace





24/7 Support

Evolve IP Workspaces



Contact vendor


Phone & Email support

VMware Horizon Cloud

Windows & Linux

Desktop & Server-based


Free 90 day trial

Multiple support tiers through VMware


Azure Virtual Desktop Benefits

You may already be aware that many organizations are currently leveraging virtual desktops. Right now, they are becoming increasingly popular, when much of the workforce is remote. 

  • Your staff need to work remotely – Your team need to be able to work from home, when traveling, on customer sites or in the office and have the same user experience wherever they are. You need to manage and secure access to company data and applications.
  • Simple security management – When you have contractors or part time staff that need access to information, security can become a concern.  Azure WVD makes it easy for you to provide controlled and secure access to your data and applications. Additionally, your full-time employees can use their home PC (or Mac) to connect to their work virtual desktop. This keeps all your corporate information secure.
  • You have an occasional need for PCs – Do not waste resources on setting up several physical machines if all your employees do not need a dedicated PC. Azure WVD makes it possible to deploy virtual PCs when you need them. As your needs change, you can add or remove virtual desktops to meet the needs of your workforce.
  • You need different types of PCs for different teams in the business – You can deploy different virtual desktops to different user groups. This way, users are only able to access the apps and information they need to do their work. They will not see information that they do not need, and you can give them the computing power that they need for their work.
  • Cost effective – Azure Virtual Desktop can save your organization money because you only pay for virtual servers when your virtual desktops are on. In addition, when using AVD, there is less infrastructure required to run a distributed team.
  • Flexible – Like with all Microsoft Cloud Services, there are no contractual commitments with Azure WVD. The service itself is also more flexible than other available options because it allows you to choose to give your employees the entire desktop experience or only offer specific virtual apps. It is also the only virtual desktop interface that offers Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session.

Why Communication Square for Deployment of Azure Virtual Desktop?

Communication Square is an official Gold Microsoft Partner, meaning that our team are leading industry experts in all things Microsoft. With advanced training, years of knowledge and the most up to date insight into operating systems and services like the Azure Virtual Desktop, but also Teams Phone SystemDocument Management SystemMicrosoft Managed ServicesAzure Virtual DesktopOffice 365 MigrationMicrosoft Copilot Studio, and Mobile Device Management.

We specialize in helping Governments & Enterprises deploy a Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop environment that meets their needs, is secure and can scale according to demand. We can help companies transition existing servers and legacy applications to Azure alongside the Azure Virtual Desktop platform.

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  • Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Partner
  • 7 Million+ Cloud Seats Sold
  • Fast-Track Enabled Microsoft Partner
  • Microsoft Direct CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider)

Azure Virtual Desktop FAQs

Does Azure Virtual Desktop support guest users?

Azure Virtual Desktop does not support Azure AD guest user accounts.

What are the differences between Remote Desktop Services vs Azure Virtual Desktop?

There are many differences between RDS and AVD, but the four important ones are around the control plane, session host, autoscaling and native integration with Office 365 solutions.

What are some of the specific use cases for Azure Virtual Desktop?

The use cases can differ from one organization to another. You can use Azure Virtual Desktop to standardize your IT environment, provide powerful desktop environment instead of buying high end laptops for your users or use it as a DR solution.

How does the AVD solution reduce costs?

AVD reduces customer costs by reducing infrastructure, licensing, and labor costs. Multi-session Windows 10 allows significant savings in computer resources, and AVD service now replaces complex management requirements of RDS/VDI solutions.

What is the list of eligible licenses to access Windows 7/10 with Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • Microsoft 365 E3/E5
  • Microsoft 365 A3/A5/Student Use Benefits
  • Microsoft 365 F1
  • Microsoft 365 Business
  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3/E5
  • Windows 10 Education A3/A5
  • Windows 10 VDA per user
  • What operating systems are supported by an AVD?

    • Windows 11 Enterprise multi-session
    • Windows 11 Enterprise
    • Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, version 1909 and later
    • Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1909 and later
    • Windows 7 Enterprise
    • Windows Server 2022
    • Windows Server 2019
    • Windows Server 2016
    • Windows Server 2012 R2

    What is required to run an AVD?

    You need an Azure Tenant and a Subscription with enough resource creation permissions.

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