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Transition to the cloud, ensuring zero downtime and absolute data security. Experience a strategic Office 365 migration that not only supports but enhances your business operations.

Redefining Office 365 Migration Consulting with Communication Square

Migration isn't just a process; it's a strategy. Whether you're planning a full-scale "lift and shift" or a phased approach, our o365 migration services ensure smooth transitions. Here’s our migration suite:

  • On-Premises to Office 365: Optimize your organization’s infrastructure by migrating from traditional on-premises environments to the dynamic Microsoft 365 cloud.
  • Office 365 Tenant to Tenant: Streamline operations by consolidating data, domains, and configurations into a unified Office 365 tenant. A key solution for mid-sized enterprises and government entities undergoing restructuring.
  • G Suite to Office 365Transitioning from Google Workspace? Our Microsoft office migration expertise ensures you leverage the full potential of Microsoft's ecosystem.
  • File Share to OneDrive - Enhance collaboration and data accessibility by transitioning from conventional file-share solutions to OneDrive.
  • SharePoint Upgrades - Move from SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 to SharePoint Online or, if you are unable to work in the cloud, to the newest version of SharePoint deployed on premises with help from our experts!
  • Exchange Upgrades - Communication Square will help you migrate from Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 to Exchange Online or, even to the newest version of Exchange deployed on premises.

Your Winning Approach to Office 365 Migration Without Down-Time

Migration isn't about switching platforms; it's a transformative move that touches every aspect of an organization. In the journey to the cloud, migration emerges as one of the foremost challenges. It's an endeavor that requires precision, expertise, and an in-depth understanding of both the source and target environments.

Our 24/7 Office 365 Support experts are here to shoulder that burden for you. We not only ensure a smooth transition but also address the pressing concerns about data migration performance and velocity optimization. So, if you're pondering how to elevate your Office 365 migration game, you've just found your answer.

Strategic Approach to Office 365 Migration

Moving to a new system affects everyone in your organization. Our office 365 consulting services make sure the change is smooth and easy for all.


Identify content and potential migration roadblocks.


Ensure data integrity and business continuity.


Maintain alignment with the set benchmarks for a seamless transition.

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Why Choose Communication Square for Office 365 Migration?

Migration can be tricky, but with our Microsoft 365 consulting services, we make it simple. With many years of experience and as a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, Communication Square promises top-notch service and expertise.

We're not just Microsoft 365 migration services providers; we’re your strategic partners. Our seasoned office 365 migration consultants ensure that your transition to Office 365 is downtime-free and data-loss resistant.

We'll do it right, the first time!

  • Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Partner
  • Microsoft Direct CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider)
  • A legacy of over 7 million+ Cloud Seats Sold
  • Recognized as a Fast-Track Enabled Microsoft Migration Partner


Moving Towards Success with Microsoft Office 365 Migration Consulting

Company: South Tahoe Public Utility District

Industry:  Utilities

Employees: 300

Overview: Migration and implementation from District’s current server and PC-based environment to Microsoft Office 365.

Solution: Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration FAQs

What kinds of proactive services do you offer?

Enterprise Strategy (Discovery & Planning Assessment) - At Communication Square, we guide governmental and enterprise sectors in leveraging technology to drive transformative change. This allows our clients to reap the maximum benefits from their Microsoft tech suite.

Consulting Services (Implementation) - We expedite the adoption of Microsoft technologies, ensuring it's not only cost-effective but also streamlines the realization of returns on their Microsoft investments. Discover more about our Microsoft Consulting Services.

Microsoft Cloud Support (Premier / Unified Support Alternative) - Our expertise ensures efficient IT operations management. We deliver top-tier technical account management, forward-thinking advisory services, and swift issue rectification through our range of Microsoft Managed Service offerings.

How long does it take to migrate to Office 365?

Because no two migrations are identical, it is difficult to predict precisely how long a migration will take. This is due to a variety of factors, including migration method, data source, data type and density, network performance, end-user engagement, and throttling, that can extend the duration required to complete the migration.

Is migrating between different Office 365/Microsoft 365 tenants possible?

Absolutely, we facilitate seamless transitions between Office 365 tenants. Such migrations are particularly valuable during organizational mergers or acquisitions. Delve deeper with our Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Options and this Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Case Study.

Do you support IMAP server migrations?

Certainly. We can transfer emails from platforms like Google Workspace, Zimbra, HCL Notes, and more, right into Exchange Online. Learn more about the process from Exchange 2010 to 2019: A Seamless Migration.

Are there any language restrictions for migration?

No, language is not a barrier. Our Office 365 Migration expertise ensures a smooth transfer of any item, irrespective of special characters or the language of the source and destination servers.

Is data integrity ensured during migration?

At Communication Square, data preservation is paramount. Our tools synchronize data throughout the migration process, ensuring nothing is overlooked. And, as we replicate data without moving the original, your source data remains unaffected.

Can we retain our domain name with Office 365 emails?

Absolutely. Your domain name can be integrated into Office 365, allowing you to customize your email addresses. Multiple domains, including sub-domains, can be accommodated, and you can oversee DNS alterations as your domain's administrator.

Why are many institutions transitioning to Office 365?

The growing inclination toward cloud technology has driven many government bodies and enterprises to upgrade their tech infrastructure. They're moving away from traditional email systems like Exchange in favor of cloud-based solutions. This trend is one reason why there's a shift from Exchange to Office 365 – a leading cloud-based solution. To streamline your document-related operations, consider our Document Management System. Moreover, our Microsoft Managed Services ensure you get the best out of your Microsoft investments.

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