Discover how a cloud-based telephony solution not only enhances your business communication but does so at
HALF THE COST of traditional systems!

Why Choosing Our Teams Phone System Just Makes Sense

Teams Phone System
  • Got Your Back in Emergencies - Our E911 Calling means you're safe and traceable, no matter what your device. Your safety, always a priority.
  • Level Up Your Contact Center - Integrate it with Teams! And hey, ever tried Landis? It makes things so much smoother.
  • Paging Integrations - Those paging solutions you love? They're good to go with our system.
  • Cloud Compliance Recording - Automatic call recording means you won't miss a thing. It's all about staying transparent.
  • Broad Hardware Compatibility - From Yealink to Cisco, pick what you love. We support it all, keeping low total ownership costs.  
  • Advanced Call Queues - Utilize the Teams Call Queues to optimize caller routing, offering both sequential and simultaneous distribution. Plus, leverage its advanced call routing options without any third-party tool costs.

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Do more with your Teams Phone System! Let us help you enable robust communications with Teams!

 Teams Phone System Benefits: Us vs Them

Experience state-of-the-art, AI-empowered calling functionalities and integrated software solutions. Let our advanced telephony consultants guide you to launch the epitome of VOIP solutions - a seamless integration of voice and collaboration.



It's Microsoft Teams. You know it, you love it. No new software to grapple with.

Yet another tool? More learning? No thanks.

Made with remote teams in mind. Top-notch security always.
Security? Remote access? It's a toss-up.

Cloud-powered with an impressive 99.98% uptime - scales as you grow.

Downtimes? No guarantees.
PC, tablet, mobile, browser... You name it. We're on it.
Limited choices, limited freedom.
Crystal clear conferencing. Keep your provider or switch to Microsoft. Simple.

Juggling providers? That's old school.

Using Office 365? Save big. Like, 70% big.
More costs, fewer perks
One team for all your needs - from bills to tech glitches.

Multiple teams, multiple headaches.

Why Trust Communication Square for Teams Phone System Implementation?

When it comes to Microsoft Teams Phone System, we are your premier business phone system consultant. Transitioning from your current system is risk-free, ensuring zero downtime and a smooth adoption journey. From licensing to deployment and training, our experts have it all covered. We're not just any Microsoft Consultant, we're your partner in success!

Top Teams Phone System Deployment Gold Partner!

  • Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Partner
  • Microsoft Direct CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider)
  • Over 7 million+ Cloud Seats Achieved
  • A Fast-Track Recognized Microsoft Partner


Cisco PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration Case Study

Company: Reynolds Logistics Ltd

Industry:  Transportation & Logistics

Employees: 500

Overview: Reynolds' PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration was achieved with minimal disruption, by making sure their existing legacy phone numbers were correctly ported over, planning so that we took care of every detail, and keeping user interruption to an absolute minimum.

Solution: Cisco PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration

Teams Phone System FAQs

How is the Microsoft Phone System different from other PBX systems?

The Microsoft Teams Phone System is like a modern version of the old PBX system, but it's in the cloud. It's easy to grow if you need more lines and you don't need a big machine in your office. Plus, if you use Microsoft Teams on your computer or phone, adding the Teams Phone System lets everything work together even better. Microsoft promises it'll work nearly all the time, and there's a backup plan if your internet stops.

Is Microsoft Teams Phone System like Skype for Business?

Yes, it is. Microsoft made Teams to be the new version of Skype for Business. It can do everything Skype did and more. If you used Skype before, you can easily Upgrade from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams Phone System.

How does the Microsoft Phone System make calls to people outside my company?

You've got choices: 

How much will I have to pay for Microsoft Teams Phone System?

If you're using Office 365, the Teams Phone System Licensing and Pricing explains how it would help save you up to 70% of your License cost because some of the costs are already covered. A Microsoft expert can tell you more about what you'll need and how much it'll cost.

How can Communication Square help me with the Microsoft Phone System?

Communication Square knows a lot about Microsoft stuff. They've won awards for helping big companies and government groups. They'll make sure everything gets set up right and teach you how to use it. If you have problems later, they're there to help 24/7. They even have a special way to handle moving from old systems to the cloud with their PBX to Cloud Migration Case Study.

Can I use the phone numbers I have now?

Yes! You can keep your phone numbers, whether you stay with your current phone company or move to Microsoft.

Can I use extension numbers with Teams Phone?

Yes, you can. With Teams Phone System User Experience, it works a lot like the old office phone systems, so you can have extension numbers if you want.

Does Teams Phone Support Emergency Services?

Yes, location-based emergency calling policy can be setup for your users and for common area devices, which report accurate locations utilizing Dynamic E911.

What is the recommended Call Queue / Contact Center / Reception software with Teams Phone?

Although Microsoft Teams supports all major vendors - Landis, is our recommended third-party provider of a comprehensive Teams Contact Center Solution. The Landis solution has all the core features of a Contact Center and integrates fully with Microsoft Teams. Most importantly, your end-users won’t even notice that it's a separate service.

What kind of phones can I use with the Microsoft Teams Phone System?

Microsoft Teams Phone System works with many different phones made by companies like Poly and Lenovo. There's a long list of Microsoft Teams Certified Devices you can check. It even works with some of the older phones like the ones from Cisco.

Does Teams Phone System have a feature where a recorded voice can guide callers?

Yes, it does. This feature is called Auto Attendants. When someone calls your company, they can hear a recorded voice that guides them to the right person or department. If you want to know more or set it up, you can ask Schedule a Meeting.

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Do more with your Teams Phone System! Let us help you enable robust communications with Teams!