Never Miss a Business Call Again with Microsoft Teams Phone System

Discover how a cloud-based telephony solution not only enhances your business communication but does so at
HALF THE COST of traditional systems!

Why Choosing Our Teams Phone System Just Makes Sense

Teams Phone System
  • Continuous Communication: Avoid communication downtime. Experience continuous, crystal-clear calls with our Teams Phone System.
  • Integrated and Seamless: Why juggle multiple tools? Integrate your contact center with Teams and simplify your operations.
  • Safety First (E911): With our Emergency Location Sharing, always be reachable in emergencies, ensuring safety and quick responses.
  • Robust Recording: Maintain compliance and never miss important discussions with automatic cloud compliance recording.
  • Wide Hardware Compatibility: Whether you're a fan of Yealink, Poly, or even Cisco, we support it. Choose your best fit without compromise.
  • Efficient Call Routing: Optimize caller routing with Advanced Call Queues, ensuring every call is directed to the right place without delay.
  • Cost-Effective: Already using Office 365? Witness substantial savings.
  • All-In-One Support: From tech glitches to bill queries, we're your one-stop solution.

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Do more with your Teams Phone System! Let us help you enable robust communications with Teams!

 Teams Phone System Benefits: Us vs Them

Experience state-of-the-art, AI-empowered calling functionalities and integrated software solutions. Let our advanced telephony consultants guide you to launch the epitome of VOIP solutions - a seamless integration of voice and collaboration.



It's Microsoft Teams. You know it, you love it. No new software to grapple with.

Yet another tool? More learning? No thanks.

Made with remote teams in mind. Top-notch security always.
Security? Remote access? It's a toss-up.

Cloud-powered with an impressive 99.98% uptime - scales as you grow.

Downtimes? No guarantees.
PC, tablet, mobile, browser... You name it. We're on it.
Limited choices, limited freedom.
Crystal clear conferencing. Keep your provider or switch to Microsoft. Simple.

Juggling providers? That's old school.

Using Office 365? Save big. Like, 70% big.
More costs, fewer perks
One team for all your needs - from bills to tech glitches.

Multiple teams, multiple headaches.

Why Trust Communication Square for Teams Phone System Implementation?

When it comes to Microsoft Teams Phone System, we are your premier business phone system consultant. Transitioning from your current system is risk-free, ensuring zero downtime and a smooth adoption journey. From licensing to deployment and training, our experts have it all covered. We're not just any Microsoft Consultant, we're your partner in success!

Top Teams Phone System Deployment Gold Partner!

  • Microsoft Co-Sell Ready Partner
  • Microsoft Direct CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider)
  • Over 7 million+ Cloud Seats Achieved
  • A Fast-Track Recognized Microsoft Partner


Cisco PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration Case Study

Company: Reynolds Logistics Ltd

Industry:  Transportation & Logistics

Employees: 500

Overview: Reynolds' PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration was achieved with minimal disruption, by making sure their existing legacy phone numbers were correctly ported over, planning so that we took care of every detail, and keeping user interruption to an absolute minimum.

Solution: Cisco PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration

Teams Phone System FAQs

What Sets Microsoft Teams Phone System Apart from Traditional PBX Systems?

Microsoft Teams Phone System is a cloud-based alternative to traditional PBX, offering scalability and integration with Microsoft Teams. It eliminates the need for physical hardware and provides a unified communication platform. Learn more about cloud-based telephony.

How Does Microsoft Teams Phone System Compare to Skype for Business?

Teams Phone System is the advanced successor to Skype for Business, offering enhanced collaboration and communication capabilities. It's perfect for businesses transitioning from Skype. Read about upgrading from Skype.

What Are My Options for Making External Calls with Teams Phone System?

Choose from Microsoft Calling Plans, Operator Connect, or Teams Direct Routing for external calls, providing flexibility to meet your business needs. Explore PSTN connectivity options.

Can I Retain My Current Phone Numbers When Switching to Teams Phone System?

Absolutely. You can keep your existing phone numbers, ensuring a smooth transition to Teams Phone System.

Are Extension Numbers Supported in Teams Phone System?

Yes, Teams Phone System supports extension numbers, offering functionality similar to traditional office phone systems.

How Does Teams Phone System Handle Emergency Calls?

Teams Phone System includes a location-based emergency calling policy with Dynamic E911, providing reliable emergency support.

What Are the Call Control Features of Teams Phone System?

Basic call control features include making and answering calls from chats, merging calls, and transferring calls between devices. Advanced features like call queues and screen pop further enhance the system's capabilities. Discover call control features

What PSTN Connectivity Options Does Teams Phone System Offer?

Teams Phone System provides Operator Connect and Direct Routing, allowing flexible PSTN connectivity tailored to your needs. Learn about PSTN options.

Can Teams Phone System Integrate with Current Contact Center Solutions?

Yes, it integrates with existing contact center solutions for a seamless experience. Additionally, we offer the Landis Contact Center solution for comprehensive contact center management.

What Devices Are Compatible with Teams Phone System?

Teams Phone System works with a variety of devices from leading manufacturers, ensuring versatility and quality. Check compatible devices.

Does Teams Phone System Offer Auto Attendant & Call Queues Functionality?

Yes, the Auto Attendants feature guides callers to the appropriate department or individual. Set up Auto Attendants.

How Cost-Effective Is Switching to Teams Phone System?

Switching to Teams Phone System can lead to significant savings, especially for Office 365 users. Understand the licensing and pricing to see how you can reduce costs. Explore Teams Phone System pricing.

How Does Communication Square Facilitate Teams Phone System Implementation?

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we provide expert setup, training, and 24/7 support, ensuring a smooth transition to Teams Phone System. Learn about our implementation services

How Can Teams Phone System Transform Customer Interaction in Contact Centers?

Integrating Microsoft Digital Contact Center Platform with Co-Pilot Studio and Landis Contact Center, Teams Phone System enhances customer interactions with AI-driven efficiency. Discover our contact center solutions.

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Do more with your Teams Phone System! Let us help you enable robust communications with Teams!