Find out how a cloud-based phone system can replace your existing, outdated telephony with enhanced functionality, AT ½ THE COST!

Microsoft Teams Phone System Features

teams phon system features
  • Dynamic E911 Calling - This is the most enhanced Emergency Location Sharing Service in a voice solution that can use your current location if using a softphone with location services enabled OR your location as identified by the Corporate Network down to the last switch port.
  • Contact Center Integration with Teams - Have a fully integrated telephony solution with your Microsoft Teams Phone System supporting all major Contact Centers and their advanced features. And based on numerous successful projects, we recommend using Landis which is fully integrated with Teams resulting in a seamless user experience.
  • Paging Integrations - Microsoft Teams Phone System supports multiple paging solutions. We would help you integrate with your existing paging solution.
  • Cloud Compliance Recording - Automatic Call Recording for outgoing and incoming calls for Compliance purposes can be set up and enabled on a per-user basis or organization-wide.
  • Compatibility with Existing Hardware - Microsoft Teams supports a range of Microsoft Teams Certified hardware phone devices manufactured by Poly, Yealink, Creston, AudioCodes & Lenovo. In addition, it also supports your old Sip Phones like Cisco IP Phones & Poly VVX Series.  Greatly reducing compatibility issues and total cost of ownership.
  • Call Queues - Teams Call Queues to provide a method of routing callers to a group of people in your organization. Furthermore, calls can be distributed one at a time or simultaneously to all the people in the queue (who are known as agents). Additionally, your Call Queues functionality provides advanced call routing options that are accessible without additional investments in any third-party tools.

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Do more with your Teams Phone System! Let us help you enable robust communications with Teams!

 Teams Phone System Benefits

Use built-in, innovative, and foremost, AI-powered calling experiences and integrated partner software solutions. We can help you set up the ultimate collaboration, telephony solution - a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) at your organization hassle-free.



Fully built into Microsoft Teams client - with very minimal learning curve

Requires installing a separate piece of software - Yet another tool for employees to learn and use basic call features

Ideal for remote employees as it comes with additional security features and administration options

Depending on the company - may not support remote access

Cloud-based with 99.98% guaranteed uptime - easily scalable on the go

Contact Center integration rarely supported 

Use any device: PC, Tablet, Mobile phone, Physical Handset or even a Web Browser

Enhanced and simplified audio conferencing - use your existing Phone Service Provider or port numbers to Microsoft


If you are using Office 365 - you can save 70% of your Licensing costs


Single Vendor for Phone Bill, Phone Hardware, and Support Services.


Why Choose Communication Square for Teams Phone System Deployment?

Our Microsoft Phone System setup means: risk free migration from your existing phone system with zero downtime and effective change management, ensuring a seamless transition and adoption by end users that helps grow your business. We provide support with Microsoft Phone System Licensing, Deployment and Training!

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Cisco PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration Case Study

Company: Reynolds Logistics Ltd

Industry:  Transportation & Logistics

Employees: 500

Overview: Reynolds' PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration was achieved with minimal disruption, by making sure their existing legacy phone numbers were correctly ported over, planning so that we took care of every detail, and keeping user interruption to an absolute minimum.

Solution: Cisco PBX to Microsoft Teams Migration

Teams Phone System FAQs

How is the Microsoft Phone System different from other PBX?

Your Microsoft Teams Phone System is a cloud-based, PBX replacement solution with extensive connectivity options. It's easily scalable and requires minimal upfront investment. Furthermore, if your employees are already using the MS-Teams application, integration with the Teams Phone System makes it a true Unified Communication Solution. It has a 99.98% up-time guaranteed by Microsoft and built-in disaster recovery in case of internet connectivity failures.

Is Microsoft Teams Phone System a replacement for Skype for Business?

Yes, it is Microsoft’s cloud-based replacement for Lync & Skype for Business. Also, your Microsoft Teams Phone System is a full-fledged Enterprise Phone System solution supporting all major features and integrations, including basic calling features, Call Queues, Compliance Recording, Paging & Remote Work, and more. In addition, you can seamlessly migrate from the existing Skype for Business to the Microsoft Teams Phone System.

How does the Microsoft Phone System connect calls outside an organization?

You have several options:

  • Port your Phone numbers to Microsoft and use Microsoft Calling Plans,
  • Port your phone numbers to a Microsoft Certified Operator and use Operator Connect, or
  • Use your existing Provider and use Teams Direct Routing.

How much does Microsoft Teams Phone System Cost?

Organizations using Office 365 can save up to 70% of the Teams Phone System licensing costs, since the base licensing is already covered, and only specific add-on licensing is needed. Additionally, our Microsoft Certified Consultant would love to explain to you exactly what is needed for your organization, based on the licenses you currently hold and what might be needed for individual users.

How can Communication Square help our business with the Microsoft Phone System?

Communication Square is an Award-Winning Microsoft Partner who focuses on Government and Enterprise Customers. And Our 4-Step Process ensures that your project is methodically planned, executed, and integrated seamlessly into your operations, including complete training and knowledge transfer. Finally, Post Migration Managed Services include 24/7 support through our ticketing system.

Can I use my existing phone numbers?

Yes, you can use your existing Phone Service provider or port those numbers to Microsoft - in either case you can retain your existing phone numbers.

Can I use extension dialing with Teams Phone?

As a Cloud-based PBX your Teams Phone System capable of doing pretty much everything that a conventional PBX would do, including extension dialing.

Does Teams Phone support Emergency Services?

Yes, location-based emergency calling policy can be setup for your users and for common area devices, which report accurate locations utilizing Dynamic E911.

What is the recommended Call Queue / Contact Center / Reception software with Teams Phone?

Although Microsoft Teams supports all major vendors - Landis, is our recommended third-party provider of a comprehensive Teams Contact Center Solution.  The Landis solution has all the core features of a Contact Center and integrates fully with Microsoft Teams.  Most importantly, your end-users won’t even notice that it's a separate service.

What phones are supported by Microsoft Teams Phone System?

Your Microsoft Teams Phone System supports a wide range of Microsoft Teams Certified hardware and devices (phones) manufactured by Poly, Yealink, Creston, AudioCodes & Lenovo. You can see a full list of Microsoft Teams Enabled Devices at: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/across-devices/devices/category/desk-phones-teams-displays/34. It's also capable of supporting your old Sip Phones like Cisco IP Phones & Poly VVX Series.

Does Teams Phone System offer Auto Attendants? 

Yes, Auto Attendants is one of the highlighted features of your Teams Phone System, allowing people to call your organization and navigate a menu system to speak to the right department, call queue, person, or an operator. You can create auto attendants for your organization with the Microsoft Teams admin center or with PowerShell. Please call Communications Square for additional information and steps to incorporate this feature.

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Do more with your Teams Phone System! Let us help you enable robust communications with Teams!