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Strengthen Your Security with Microsoft Security Solutions

Protect your organization with our robust security solutions. Safeguard against evolving threats and maintain a secure digital environment.

Microsoft Identity Protection Service

Enhance the protection of user identities with advanced threat detection and mitigation. Ensure secure access and prevent unauthorized intrusions.

  • Identity Risk Detection: Proactively identify and address identity threats.
  • Secure Access: Ensure only authorized users access critical applications and resources.
  • Conditional Access Policies: Enforce multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies to enhance security.

Email and Apps Protection Service

Protect your email and applications from various threats. Ensure the integrity and security of your communications.

  • Phishing Protection: Prevent phishing attacks targeting your organization.
  • Malware Defense: Detect and block malware in emails and apps.
  • Secure Data: Maintain the integrity and security of your communications and data.

Endpoint Protection Service

Secure all endpoints within your organization to prevent and respond to threats effectively.

  • Real-Time Detection: Identify and respond to threats as they occur.
  • Device Security: Ensure all devices connected to your network are protected.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Protect desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and more.

Data Protection Service

Implement comprehensive data protection strategies to secure sensitive information.

  • Data Encryption: Encrypt data both in transit and at rest.
  • Loss Prevention: Implement data loss prevention strategies.
  • Access Controls: Enforce strict access controls to safeguard data.
  • Backup and Recovery: Ensure data availability with reliable backup and recovery solutions.

Device Management Service

Ensure effective management and security of all organizational devices to maintain compliance and protect against threats

  • Compliance Monitoring: Ensure devices comply with security policies.
  • Policy Enforcement: Enforce security policies across all devices.
  • Threat Protection: Protect devices against potential threats.
  • Mobile Device Management: Implement mobile device management (MDM) for comprehensive device oversight and security.

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Ready to secure your IT infrastructure against evolving threats? Partner with us today to safeguard your business with microsoft security solutions!

Why Communication Square?

Communication Square provide risk free migration with zero downtime and effective change management, ensuring a seamless transition and adoption by end users that helps grow your business.
Through our done-for-you managed cloud services in a wide range of industries, our consultants provide a unique and advantageous perspective on what really works in today's rapidly changing online environment with powerful business solutions.

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  • 7 Million+ Cloud Seats Sold
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Here's What Our Clients Say About Us

Andrew Reynolds Group CEO

Reynolds Logistics

Managing a Data Center with limited Support Staff was always a pain, starting with hardware upgrades and occasional hardware failures to software & licensing upgrades. Moving all our Servers to Azure Cloud has not only made the management hassle-free, but resulted in Communication Square as the One Stop Vendor for all our Support needs.

Michael Nolan CEO

Positive Behavior Supports Corp.

Cloud Readiness Assessment gave us a very good idea about our risks, costs, and challenges through a detailed analysis. It helped us map out realistic expectations for the implementation process to reach compliance standards.

Declan Maxwell Former CEO

Reynolds Logistics

I still remember when we were trying to figure out when we had just recovered a major server disaster, a Communication Square consultant got in touch with us and we learned about their Azure Cloud Backups, there has been no looking back since.

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Ready to secure your IT infrastructure against evolving threats? Partner with us today to safeguard your business with microsoft security solutions!


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