June 23, 2020

PBX to Cloud Migration Case Study

Executive Summary

Company: Positive Behavior Supports Corporation
Industry: Healthcare
Employees: 3000
Overview: To support the growing needs of PBS, Communication Square fulfilled a PBX to Cloud Migration by initially deploying a Lync Server and later upgrading to Skype for Business.
Solution: Skype for Business & Phone System


Michael Nolan is a veteran behavioral analyst and the President of the Positive Behavior Supports Corporation. He recognized that his organization was going through a growth phase. The increasing number of patients started to result in higher costs and limited communication. Before hearing about PBX to Cloud Migration, Michael decided to address these challenges using Avaya PBX.

In 2010, Michael decided a Private Branch Exchange System would solve his issues and increase productivity. Soon after deploying Avaya PBX, PBS expanded to more than thirteen sites with over one thousand users. Unfortunately, the system they had deployed wasn’t able to support the ever-increasing size of their organization. PBS faced the same problem as before—their technology couldn’t keep up with their business. This type of Migration could have resolved the growing issues Michael and his team were facing.

It was becoming increasingly difficult for Michael’s team to reach out to patients’ families, teachers, colleagues, and other caregivers. Additionally, Avaya PBX only allowed limited engagement and mobility. Infrastructure costs kept increasing to accommodate the growing number of users. So, Michael’s expenses were rising for a system that couldn’t even meet his needs. It quickly became clear that another solution was needed. That’s when Michael learned about PBX to Cloud Migration.

PBS Corporation

We opted for Avaya PBX to ensure effective collaboration, but that too provided limited engagement, and infrastructure costs were very high.

Bill Herbert
Chief Operating Officer

The Solution

In February 2013, Michael and his team decided to consult Communication Square LLC, a Microsoft Gold Partner. Several network-readiness assessment sessions were performed, and it was found that an integrated digital workplace was needed. A workplace that allowed employees to make and receive calls from anywhere. Additionally, they needed a virtual care team that could handle internal and external communication through Phone System, SharePoint, and Exchange. Both parties agreed that a PBX to Cloud Migration using Microsoft Lync would be the best course of action.

Microsoft Lync was quickly deployed as their primary PBX system in February 2013. The Lync migration resulted in immediate improvement. PBS experienced accelerated decision-making and instant access to colleagues and information over all thirteen work sites. Also, highly visual, and interactive conferencing increased their effectiveness and productivity by reducing travel time for on-site trial locations.

Communication Square

After thoroughly analyzing PBS’s business, we decided that a Lync migration was the best solution for Michael and his team. This resulted in a significant increase in employee productivity, and it made it easier for them to cater to the ever-growing needs of their patients.

Favad Qaisar

Before the Lync migration, PBS had significant IT and telephony costs of $714 per user per annum. But with their new Cloud Migration, they were able to save 40%. Moreover, this transition helped PBS streamline additional budgets associated with IT and Telephony.


Michael and his team were incredibly happy with their Cloud Migration. I am so happy, in fact, that when the next version of Microsoft Lync launched in June 2015 as Microsoft Skype for Business, they upgraded again! This additional migration offered PBS even more flexibility, productivity, and savings with their communication systems. Michael’s team were able to utilize mobile devices and home computers equipped with the latest Skype for Business features. This allowed them to communicate even more efficiently with partners, patients, and each other, further increasing productivity. Additionally, with the latest communications tech, PBS would be able to expand even further without having to worry about future needs. All while keeping costs at a minimum with a PBX to Cloud Migration using Microsoft Skype for Business.

PBS Corporation

With the increase in size of our organization came bigger challenges that couldn’t be overlooked. Hence we required a solution that could cut our costs and increase productivity at the same time.

Michael Nolan
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