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Secure Your Remote Workforce With Microsoft 365

The way companies work has changed drastically and the business environments continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Induced by the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis, a large number of companies were forced to transition their business models swiftly to ensure employees could start working from home. This shift to becoming a remote workforce provoked companies to develop strategies for keeping their employees connected and productive in a remote environment all the while protecting their organizations.

A spike was noticed in phishing and ransomware threats during coronavirus. As a decision-maker in the IT industry, you must be aware of the ongoing issues that organizations in the US are facing. A large number of business analysts are predicting that even after there is some form of end to the pandemic, more people will continue to work from home than ever before. Organizations that go on to focus on the requirements of their remote workforces will be prepared for what the future has in store for them.

Microsoft, luckily has our back and has furnished some key tools available to help prepare companies to facilitate their remote workforces. Here are a few ways that Microsoft 365 can benefit your remote workforce and make your jobs a lot easier and productive.

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To start off, you would first need to develop and implement a plan for securing employee identities and access. You can do this yourself or hire an MSP that offers Microsoft Intune Consulting to secure all your devices and data for you.

The Microsoft 365 suite can help your security needs in the following ways:

Secure Access to Work-Related Apps

You can safeguard your employees’ Microsoft Office app usage by controlling who has access and when and where they have it. Microsoft Azure Active Directory protects against lost or stolen passwords with multi-factor authentication – a security system that verifies a user’s identity by requiring multiple credentials. You can also allow your employees to access company apps without opening broad access to your network to protect against hackers and cyberattacks.

Remote Desktop Access

Your remote employees may be working on a few different device platforms. Windows Virtual Desktop allows users to access their apps and files in a safe, secure and productive environment. Your employees will appreciate the familiar working environment and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are in a protected online space.

Protection Against Online Threats

By integrating with Microsoft Edge and popular third-party browsers like Chrome and Firefox, web threat protection stops web threats without a web proxy and can protect devices while they are away or on premises. Web threat protection stops access to phishing sites, malware vectors, exploit sites, untrusted or low-reputation sites, as well as sites that you have blocked in your custom indicator list.

Protect Personal and Company-Owned Devices

When employees use laptops, tablets and mobile devices in a remote working environment, it is essential to take security measures and minimize threats. Microsoft 365 can help you:

Manage Office Data on Mobile Devices

Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows you to manage access to company-owned devices. With this tool, you can enroll devices for management, report and measure device compliance, control provision settings and profiles and remove corporate data from devices remotely. 

Secure Windows Devices with MDM policies

To be confident that your employees always have access to the latest version of tools and technologies, you can go ahead and program automatic updates on all Windows 10 devices, add malware protection and include data encryption. This helps you avoid malware, phishing and other forms of cyberattacks which are especially prevalent in the coronavirus economy. MDM also allows you to publish mobile apps to users, report app inventory and usage, configure and update apps and secure and remove corporate data on these mobile apps.

Safeguard Confidential Business and Client Data

Your data is your organization’s most critical asset and protecting it in a remote work environment can be challenging. Microsoft 365 can help you with that through:

Protection Against Accidental Leaks

Microsoft's Data Loss Prevention helps you identify sensitive information across many locations and apps, prevent accidental sharing of information and protect this information in the desktop versions of Excel, PowerPoint and Word. It also helps employees learn how to stay compliant without interrupting workflow and includes templates for HIPAA, PCI-DSS and other important policies.

Controlled Access to Data

Microsoft Azure Information Protection allows you to control whether an email can be viewed, edited, forwarded or printed by non-employees. These restrictions apply to all files and emails no matter where and how they are accessed. You can get help by hiring an MSP that offers Azure Consulting and can secure your data and essential documents.

Gain Visibility

Microsoft Cloud App Security gives you detailed insights into how your employee team is accessing and using the cloud app and spotlights possible security risks. This will also help you understand usage patterns and identify high-risk users. 

As the business environment continues to evolve and additional security measures are required for a growing remote workforce, Communication Square is a Microsoft Gold Partner dedicated to helping people around the world utilize the best of Microsoft Technology. Book a Strategy call today to get help putting your remote workforce into action.

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