Communication Square LLC is a Microsoft Gold Partner that focuses on data and security. We strongly believe that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. The effective use of data is what can make or break a business. If the same data falls into the hands of competitors or if data is stolen, it can completely wipeout a business. Our Microsoft Certified Professionals have extensive knowledge on market trends as well as practical experience to simplify Microsoft’s Enterprise Solution in order to meet your specific business needs. We are committed to provided a user experience as relevant and seamless as possible. Communication Square fosters your communication needs through a secure, centralized, and integrated system for better efficiency. Whether you’re a small or large corporation, our services will help push your businesses to boost up productivity. The company has a presence all across the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Our Story


The age of technology has grown at a rapid pace before our very eyes. We have seen its birth, its growth, the power it has over us, as well as the potential it carries in the years to come - we are surrounded with technology from our personal devices to our workplace. However, this digital era brings with it a question of privacy, how secure is our information really?

Our journey from physical to digital has been an intense one but the journey is our to share. We want to make this journey as simple as possible and have done so for millions of people. Whether a glitch in the office has cause someone their holidays with their loved ones, or whether someone’s valuable privacy has been breached, your concerns are valid and your concerns are shared.



Our purpose is to simplify the ever-growing age of technology we witnessed, live in, and are going to see in the future and to create a feasible environment to make everyone’s life easier that yesterday.


To share knowledge, information, and wisdom to ensure the overall comfort and ease of the lives of people.


Reliability, Growth & Reliance.


We view ourselves as partners of all people for the betterment of their digital lives.

Management Team

Favad Qaisar


  • Founder of Communication Square LLC
  • Charter Member Status in multiple Microsoft Certification Exams
  • One of the Top Cloud Communication Experts in USA
  • Co-Authored one of the Microsoft Lync Certification Exams

William Agganis

Director Cloud Solutions - USA

  • Former COO, Positive Behavior Support Corporation
  • Grew revenue from $2 million to $60 million in five years
  • Created ABA industry-leading interventions and processes
  • Instituted OBM-inspired quality of work life initiative

Juan Perez

Director Cloud Solutions - Spain

  • Co-Founder of Communication Square
  • Licensed Microsoft Azure Expert
  • Founder of Atlantic Hosted Services
  • Lync Expert

  • Iqbal Jehangir

    Director Cloud Solutions - Pakistan

    • Director Cloud Solutions MEA REGION
    • Licensed Microsoft Azure Expert
    • Lync Expert
    • Cisco Sales Expert
    • Calix E3-48C Solution Expert

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    Gold Collaboration and Content

    Gold Communications

    Gold Data Analytics

    Gold Data Platform

    Gold Datacenter

    Gold ISV

    Gold Messaging

    Gold Windows and Devices

    Silver Application Development

    Silver Cloud Platform

    Silver Cloud Productivity

    Silver Collaboration and Content

    Silver Communications

    Silver Data Analytics

    Silver Data Platform

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    Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions

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