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Some organizations live by the mantra “There is always room for improvement in everything.” Microsoft is one of those organizations. Microsoft ­­and its Partners have always strives to improve on their customer services. They have tried to do so by either reinventing their products or reorganizing their services. If you hadn’t imagined that Microsoft Cloud services could get any better, you are in for a surprise. Microsoft has introduced its Microsoft Fast-track program to enhance your user experience in Microsoft Cloud. Visit our website now to get your free demos and trails and see it for yourself.

Microsoft FastTrack

Microsoft's Fast-Track Program is a package of dedicated services, sources, assistance and funding. It allows Microsoft partners companies to provide Microsoft Cloud services with greater benefits, lower costs and efficiency to their customers. You can now have Microsoft Fast-Track services in your Office 365 and Dynamics 365 for business

How Does Microsoft Fast-Track Program Help Partners?

It is the partner that deals directly with the customer and Microsoft understands that. A facilitated partner means more facility and innovation for customers. Microsoft Fast-Track Partners can give more efficient, customized and enhanced solutions to their clients with extended deployment and support capabilities, because the underlying objective of Microsoft Fast-Track Partner Program is to facilitate the clients. Any company with Microsoft Fast-Track status has

  • Additional tools, resources and guidance that reduce the cost of deployment
  • A dedicated team of Microsoft sources focused on building customized customer solutions
  • Incentive and customer referrals that widen interconnections within business community

An overview of the FastTrack digital experience and resources

Here's a look at the newly expanded FastTrack to help you successfully rollout Microsoft solutions. Office 365 Senior Product Manager, Sharon Liu will show you how FastTrack helps you to identify and prioritize your key scenarios and stakeholders, build a customized success plan that you can share with others, get assistance from our team of FastTrack engineers and use pre-built assets to inform and train your users. 

How Does Microsoft Fast-Track Program Help Customers?

If you are a corporate and want to move your business to cloud, any Partner with Microsoft Fast-Track Ready status can give you an advantage over other companies. If you choose a Microsoft Fast-Track Partner to deploy a Cloud Solution for your organization, you can have much more than just a solution. You would experience extended support post-deployment at a cheaper price. Furthermore, Microsoft servers, engineers and consultants would directly involve themselves to make sure that the whole process is completed smoothly. With Microsoft Fast-Track Program, you can have

  • Microsoft solutions at a discounted price. You can enjoy the perks of having standard Microsoft services at a cheaper price with greater customization.
  • Microsoft engineers assist you in deployment and migration. If you are encountering a problem that is unique to your business needs and need expert professionals, Fast-Track Partners should be your choice. They can involve Microsoft resources and manpower directly to solve your problems and design you a tailored solution.
  • Additional resources and help for customized solutions for your business.

How Can We Help?

Communication Square, a fasttrack ready partner - has helped several clients get on-board for Microsoft business solutions with Microsoft Fast-Track Partner Program. We take pride in extending our support post-deployment, constantly keeping in touch with our clients to find their pain points and analyzing their environment to design tailored solution for their needs. Contact us today to have an assessment of your business environment and find customized solutions for your business.

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