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10 Reasons Why You Need a Managed Services Provider

The value proposition for the managed services offerings in the market is the selling point. Obviously, we try to create managed services that help cater to Communication Square’s Team, Networking, Collaboration, and Datacenter products and that allow us to be successful in the product deployment market. We also try our best to address the very specific pain points that our customer experience in trying to maintain and grow their Technology infrastructures and ultimately their core businesses.

Irrespective of whether your cloud environment is multi-tenant or hybrid, the companies offering cloud-managed services have the requisite knowledge and infrastructure to manage things from A to Z. That’s why more and more fast scaling businesses are signing up with cloud-managed IT, service providers. According to a report on managed cloud services, the cloud-computing services market size is projected to grow from $27.15 billion in 2017 to $53.78 billion by 2022, at an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 14.6%

10 Reasons You Need a Managed Service Provider

Tell me I'm wrong. 

1. Cost savings

A managed service provider is solely responsible for managing cloud infrastructure for clients. So when you hire services of a managed service provider, you only pay for what you use and when you use it. The service provider already has the set of tools required to set up infrastructure on the cloud and the workforce required to maintain pricing. This way you reduce operational costs for employees, lower IT expenses, and also conserve capital budget so you can concentrate on business strategy and customer satisfaction rather than spending the time of planning infrastructure handling.

2. Robust Infrastructure

Sharing the network management responsibility helps you offload not just expenses but also a ton of infrastructure responsibilities, which further leads to more cost savings. This gives businesses more room to diversify and be agile.

Additionally, managed cloud service providers provide 24/7 infrastructure management services to keep the network infrastructure in a robust state throughout. This makes it easy to monitor and scan for security aspects as per the standards, to ensure that infrastructure is reliable and functioning at an optimal level. Integrating existing business practices into the cloud infrastructure is a complex task made simple by MSPs, in a manner that they coincide with your enterprise goals and faster Go-To-Market strategy.

3. Simplification of Complex Processes

A trusted managed service provider has all the processes, infrastructure and manpower in place to handle the most complex of problems on a daily basis. As experts in the field, they focus on every single aspect while having contingency plans for the possible challenges that may lie ahead.

4. Disaster Management and Data Recovery

For the enterprises that have their IT infrastructure on-premise, a disaster or a critical server failure may leave them in a mess that may adversely affect their day-to-day business operations. They risk losing data that is vital to their business processes and overall growth. Now keeping data recovery processes and tools operational all year round is another overhead that your business will end up taking.

Even in the event of a host failure, you have stand-by cloud servers to fall back upon, and because everything is up there on a virtual platform, hardware failure risks are almost eliminated. This is one of the biggest reasons in the list of why to use managed services on the cloud.

5. Automatic Upgrades

On-premise servers are a huge cost burden for enterprises. Maintenance and security costs are a fixed expenditure that organizations need to spend for servers to remain functional.

An MSP – managed service provider lends you with the flexibility and scalability to adapt and evolve by enabling customizations to the existing services or introducing new processes/tools to the existing milieu. All without disturbing your current business processes.

6. Better Response Time

Managed cloud service providers offer constant enterprise-level monitoring and scrutiny, thus not just helping prevent a problem from growing, but also detecting deviations that might otherwise pose security threats and compliance issues

7. Easy Access to a Contingent Workforce

MSPs give a major boost to the contingent workforce program, thus ensuring you have access to the right and certified talent at the right time. These right skills in a worker are a mixture of certifications and experience. A managed service provider with a positive reputation in the market has this talent either in-house or has direct and quick access to a variety of skills that it can deploy for your projects.

8. Round the Clock Management

To ensure smooth operations for any Cloud infrastructure, you need 24/7 supervision. Your agreement with the MSP can dictate that they scan and monitor the infrastructure at all times and take care of different requirements, such as the application of required patches along with compliance and security audits.

9. Focus on Core Business

Experts provide 24/7 support, keeping a check on the smooth functioning of all your IT systems hosted on the cloud. You never will have to worry about infrastructure or network failure with proactive professionals deployed on the cloud front. Updates and maintenance can be handled from anywhere, with sufficient protection against outages. So you can relax and totally focus on what’s the core of your business.

10. Centralized Network

A managed service provider (MSP) uses a central data center within the cloud solutions network for managing all servers and applications deployed on them. This gives remote network users easy access to the centralized data on the network. In addition, the cloud enables you to have storage and backup reside on the centralized network, as well. This goes a long way when it comes to enhancing your infrastructure availability.

But in the end, it all comes down to choosing the right managed service provider for your business goals.

How Communication Square Can Help with Managed Services

This is where Communication Square comes in. We dedicate support to your enterprise. Our methodology is built upon three pillars—people, processes, and tools. If you are wondering why use managed services, let’s take a closer look at how a Managed Service Provider and custom solutions are beneficial and how they serve as the cornerstone of these predictions.

  • Due to successful deployment of projects varying in scope and nature, Communication Square was also awarded the status of a ‘Microsoft Gold Partner’ in the year 2015. This journey of excellence is accompanied by our Microsoft Certified Professionals, who cater to your tailored needs with commendable experience in the provision of customized services, that aids your Integrated Communication needs.
  • We’re proud to have Microsoft Certified professionals to assist you with Unified Communication needs. We hire and train the best, and we continue to make the investment in our people through training. When you decide to partner with us, we vow to augment your need with the best available professionals. So that you have protection against any threats that lurk around you in the future.
  • We follow a global standard of IT services deployment and training. The deployment offers on-premise and on-line. Apart from that, in case of older versions, upgrade is also available. Our business units make massive investments in R&D to create emerging devices and software tools to empower your workers. We use the best tools available so that we can always attack the problem with the right tool.
  • Our capabilities allow you to transform your enterprise more rapidly. Communication Square in an excellent position to help clients efficaciously make the move to Cloud and reap the multiple benefits it could afford business operations.

Your enterprise can create incredible efficiency in supporting, maintaining, and growing the IT infrastructure, upwards of 50% or more. These are significant reasons for you to consider Communication Square as your partner; and our full spectrum of Management of IT services and consultation. Book a Cloud Strategy Call now to get more information today.

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