November 3, 2016

4 Reasons Why You Need a Managed Services Provider

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The value proposition for the managed services offerings in the market is the selling point. Obviously, we try to create managed services that help cater Communication Square’s Networking, Collaboration, and Data center products and that allow us to be successful in the product deployment market. We also try our best to address the very specific pain points that our customers experience in trying to maintain and grow their Technology infrastructures and ultimately their core businesses.

The Challenges Existing for Customers

  1. IT- related issues where they need the system to run optimally by also optimizing costs.
  2. Reforming Technologies need to be understood before implemented and maintained. This takes hands on training, talent of the IT department and these processes incur costs.
  3. Customers usually do not support a third-party vendor as perception is everything in the market and this appears to be as a weakness for big businesses therefore companies are usually convinced on keeping a “go-alone strategy”
  4. IT infrastructure and capabilities requires capital spending and companies want to optimize costs in the long run. So, what is the way to go about it?

Safety and Security of Data, Data services, and customer information plagues the thoughts not only of IT directors but also the executive staff and board of Directors. Providing everything we’ve been talking about with a level of information Security that keeps regulators away is the one of the most expensive propositions of all. Larger market trends are buffeting IT departments. These are forces that are so outside of their control that often the trends seem to control IT. Some of these trends are very promising and are in mining for IT efficiency and improvements. Others are just Technologically complex and need to be better understood before IT can even make a call on viability.

How Communication Square Can Help with Managed Services?

This is where Communication Square comes in. We dedicate support for your enterprise. Our methodology is built upon three pillars—people, processes, and tools.

  • Due to successful deployment of projects varying in scope and nature, Communication Square was also awarded the status of a ‘Microsoft Gold Partner’ in the year 2015. This journey of excellence is accompanied by our Microsoft Certified Professionals, who cater to your tailored needs with commendable experience in the provision of customized services, that aids your Integrated Communication needs.
  • We’re proud to have Microsoft Certified professionals to assist you with Unified Communication needs. We hire and train the best, and we continue to make the investment in our people through training. When you decide to partner with us, we vow to augment your need with the best available professionals. So that you have protection against any threats that lurk around you in the future.
  • We follow a global standard of IT services deployment and training. The deployment offers on-premise and on-line. Apart from that, in case of older versions, upgrade is also available. Our business units make massive investments in R&D to create emerging devices and software tools to empower your workers. We use the best tools available so that we can always attack the problem with the right tool.
  • Our capabilities allow you to transform your enterprise more rapidly. Communication Square in an excellent position to help clients efficaciously make the move to Cloud and reap the multiple benefits it could afford business operations.

Your  enterprise can create incredible efficiency in supporting, maintaining, and growing the IT infrastructure, upwards of 50% or more. These are significant reasons for you to consider Communication Square as your partner; and our full spectrum of Management of IT services and consultation. Contact us now to get more information or visit our website today. 

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