June 22, 2020

Microsoft Application Management with Intune and Azure Active Directory Case Study

Executive Summary

Company: Kuester Management Group
Industry: Real Estate
Employees: 200
Overview: Communication Square deployed Microsoft Intune, the best MDM for small business, helping Kuester deal with the security challenges of today’s mobile-first world.
Solution: Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory.


Kuester Management Group is a mid-sized real estate firm with offices spread across the Carolinas. Their HOA management offerings provide communities and developers with a range of services that enhance and retain asset value. Implementing the Community Associations Institute’s best practices, they also cater to the needs of homeowners and community board members alike.

Kuester wanted to ensure that their IT services remained as secure as possible. So, they decided to go for Intune consultants with Communication Square LLC, a Microsoft Gold Partner. They found their solution with Enterprise Mobility + Security suite which includes Microsoft Application Management with Intune, the best MDM for small business. This approach provided them with highly secure mobile Microsoft application management that reduced their overall IT costs.

Kuester Management Group

I want my employees to be as productive and secure as possible regardless of where they work from

Bryan Kuester

The Microsoft Application Management with Intune Solution

Kuester also implemented Microsoft Intune for its mobile Microsoft application management, keeping IT costs at a minimum. Additionally, it provided their employees with the flexibility they need to access information on their mobile devices. All while keeping company data completely secure. Microsoft Intune also saved them additional costs on third-party licenses by replacing their updated management software.

Their on-site teams were also able to completely restructure how they worked. Without having to worry about data security, they were able to conduct business on-the-go more freely, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Communication Square

Instead of businesses dedicating technicians to manage and update devices, they utilize us as their IT partners. By leaving mobile application management and security to us, they are better able to focus on their business.

Favad Qaisar

Benefits of Microsoft Application Management with Intune

Security through Microsoft Intune was an important addition for Kuester Management Group in many ways. For instance, one of the key issues they faced was the exploitation of data by ex-employees and new hires. As one of the best MDM for small business, Microsoft Intune was designed specifically to mitigate this risk. Microsoft Intune allows for the secure enrollment of new employee devices and the remote wiping of existing employee devices. This is accomplished through the installation of a secured app called Company Portal. Suitable for phones, laptops and home computers, this app keeps all corporate data completely secured. And when employees leave the company, all data across all devices can be wiped remotely. What’s more, Intune helps improve overall productivity. Employees are now able to conduct business across a range of secure devices, wherever their work takes them.

Kuester Management Group

This was one of the biggest advantages we gained from Intune, as all our corporate data resides on mobile devices with increased levels of security and control.

Chris Chaffin
Director of Management


Another component of Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite is Azure Active Directory. Kuester made this transition to host key apps and websites, and to manage its hybrid environment.

Azure AD includes a full suite of identity management capabilities, including multi-factor authentication, device registration and self-service password management. Additionally, it provides self-service group management, privileged account management, role-based access control, application usage monitoring, rich auditing, and security monitoring. These capabilities helped Kuester secure cloud-based applications, streamline IT processes, cut costs, and ensure that corporate compliance goals were met.

Azure AD also provides an easy solution that gives management and employees single sign-on (SSO) to various SAAS applications. This significantly boosted employee productivity. They no longer needed multiple passwords. One password grants access to their application panel, where all company-related apps are listed. Also, IT admins need not share passwords with employees for every application, increasing overall security. Additionally, we set up a multi-factor authentication process for employees, sending them a text to double-authenticate their log-ins. They also had the option to download an authenticator app for an alternative level of security.

Kuester Management

Conditional access was another benefit we derived from Intune, as our IT staff defines specific terms and conditions for logging in for security purposes, mainly. For instance, we didn’t want our employees to have complete access to any corporate data, so we set certain limitations to make sure that our security is not compromised.

Karen McDonald
Vice president of Operations
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