Cloud Computing – Stepping Stone Towards Digital Transformation

By Communication Square | Business Transformation

Apr 10

Cloud Computing is changing the face of business as we know it. Organizations of all sizes everywhere can now harness the power of Cloud based tools to innovate and collaborate faster. And more seamlessly than ever before. Cloud is becoming the foundation for digital transformation. It is enabling enterprises to manage the pressure of increasing the pace of their production cycles. And more importantly boosting Collaboration throughout the world.

Despite the benefits of Cloud, many businesses remain unsure whether to take the plunge or which applications to migrate to the Cloud due to security concerns. As per research it indicates that security is the biggest barrier for companies to choose these services. With enterprises worrying about unauthorized access to their network, while some enterprises are afraid of data loss. Some organizations cite unauthorized access to sensitive data by other tenants as the most pressing concern with cloud deployments.

How to Make a Move?

To alleviate pressures on the IT department and ensure a smooth transition to the Cloud at a pace that best suits the organization; it is beneficial to choose a fully managed Cloud solution provider. When combined with an integrated security framework, a fully managed Cloud provider gives enterprises secure, reliable access to data no matter what, and protects intellectual property by constantly monitoring data entering and leaving the network across all devices.

However, its benefits and the benefits of technologies that enables IoT and mobile applications, far outweigh the risks. So, do take the plunge, but choose your Cloud model carefully and work with a partner that can support the migration to the new IT infrastructure. Ultimately, when done right, Cloud can pave the way for new ways of working. It can also accelerate innovation and even open the door to new business models driving digital transformation across the enterprise.

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