May 29, 2023
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Is It Worth Outsourcing Software Development for Your Business or Not?

Today, IT outsourcing is spreading around the world. A customer hiring a contractor to produce a product or offer services to support, maintain, and upgrade the company's software is one example of collaboration. In this case, the entire process falls on the contractor — from planning to testing. The most common option for this type of outsourcing is software and mobile application development for various business needs.

In addition, various businesses that provide their services for outsourcing and are prepared to offer the best price for software development are available on the market today. For instance, Grid Dynamics connects companies with skilled developers, offers high-class services, and exercises an individual approach with each client.

Therefore, here are some of the key justifications for outsourcing software development if you require a platform or application for your business but doubt the feasibility and reliability of this type of cooperation.

Reason #1: Price

It is obvious that if your business doesn't have a development department, hiring a reputable outsourcing team will be simpler and less expensive than creating one yourself. You can certainly do this in the future and take your time while choosing the staff members. However, outsourcing software development is the ideal option for your company if you don't currently have the time or resources to perform the task.


Reason #2: Work Rate

You pay clearly for the hours of work on your product. The team proceeds to the first stage — design — immediately after the conclusion of the contract. The customer receives the first layouts in 2-3 weeks. As a rule, the same results from your in-house development team can be obtained only after a couple of months or even more.

Reason #3: Large Choice

When recruiting specialists for the office, you are limited in your search by the city where you are. The remote work format may not be suitable cause it may be difficult for a newly assembled team to set up processes at a distance. Outsourcing opens great opportunities. You can hire a professional team that has already done similar projects, has experience, and all internal work processes have already been established.

Reason #4: Quality

Outsourcing specialists are always trained and already have experience relevant to your project, thanks to which they can quickly advise proven working solutions. In addition, the external team, and the outsourcing company itself are responsible for the result of the project. To avoid paying penalties and fines, not to spoil the reputation, and get a satisfied client, the quality of the work performed is under strict control.


However, no one denies the presence of unscrupulous contractors who simply may not fulfill their obligations. Therefore, we always advise choosing only proven teams with real people reviews.

Reason #5: Business Goals First

Outsourcing software development helps business owners to focus on their core competencies rather than being sidetracked by various activities and tasks. By working with a third-party team, you can complete the project much more quickly and cheaply than you could with an internal development team.

Is It Worthwhile to Hire an Outsourced Team or Not?

Just estimate the situation to determine whether you should outsource or develop internally. Your goals and financial status should be considered. Without a doubt, outsourcing software development is a wise business decision when you have limited resources.

However, if you are still in doubt, you should just calculate everything one more time and consult with several teams to understand the unclear points for yourself and choose the most suitable option.

We wish you the best of luck and business success!

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